Policy Administration: Experience

Selecting the right partner with the right blend of technology skills, consulting skills, and operational capabilities is an important pre-requisite for Policy Administration Transformation. Capgemini is committed to providing end-to-end services to meet the unique policy administration needs of insurers. We have a long track record of investing in proprietary methodologies, models and tools to help insurers succeed in their transformation efforts.

Bringing you business-driven transformation that’s cost effective

Capgemini offers a clear approach to helping insurers achieve product, price and operational leadership leveraging policy administration. We offer complete organizational change management and strategic alignment—not just a new platform. We provide a business case analysis that utilizes a proprietary calculation model to determine the cost-per-policy transformation opportunity. And we bring comprehensive BPO strategy for both closed and open books. Our experience with Oracle Insurance Policy Administration implementations has demonstrated up to 38% reduction in total cost of ownership through policy administration transformation.

Exclusive methods, tools and solution accelerators drive operational efficiency

We utilize our proven accelerators, methodology and assets to reduce cost and increase predictability for major initiatives. These tools help us to accelerate systems integration interfaces by at least 25 to 30% and achieve consistent conversion rates of over 99% of transactions. Our Accelerated Solutions Environment methodology reduces design time. Our Service Oriented Architecture-based integrated architecture framework and methodology, and OIPA enterprise service bus reduce long-term operational costs. And, our closed-block strategy and conversion factory (that contains over 4,500 reusable test cases) speed implementation.

Proven, reliable global execution with deep insurance industry experience

Capgemini’s commitment to helping insurers transform their policy administration systems and processes includes more than 15 years of experience with life insurance policy migrations. For example, Capgemini is a leading Oracle Insurance Policy Administration implementation partner with more than 75 OIPA-trained and certified resources. We serve more than 400 insurance clients across the globe through more than 4,500 dedicated insurance professionals including 800 dedicated specifically to the life insurance segment.