How to get ahead in automotive recovery

The automotive industry is strongly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, suffering a severe downturn in both demand and supply. Everyone was taken by surprise. Everyone is equally affected. But competitive advantage can be had through fast and efficient responses during the recovery. There are two critical priorities. One is to revive car sales. The other is to kick start the end-to-end supply chain. Speed and efficiency are key.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was sudden and universal. For OEMs, global production stopped, and the supply chain was critically disrupted. In most markets, sales channels simply stopped functioning. For dealers, official regulations meant the immediate closure of showrooms, with the consequence of severe challenges to liquidity and even dealership insolvencies. For the customer, the impact was multifaceted, as people felt the impact of financial uncertainty and reduced purchasing power, staying home and postponing major investments. Determined car buyers increasingly turned to online automotive platforms. It seems the impact of the pandemic will be significant. Buying behavior post crisis will be very different from before.

Fast track crisis recovery

Disaster recovery needs to be fast and efficient. It needs to have a multi-phase approach, tackling immediate, short, medium, and long-term issues. And it needs to identify and monitor demand and supply constraints across all functions. At the same time, you need to establish a company recovery governance so your people can make quick, transparent decisions. Of course, investing in agility, efficiency and speed through digital tools will help you to differentiate your offer during the time of recovery.

Get sales back on track

OEMs and dealers need help to get sales back on track fast. We’ll help you understand and respond to severe fluctuations in the automotive sales and service environment, during and after the COVID pandemic. We do this by implementing our automotive sales recovery toolbox.

By combining strategy, technology and data with deep automotive industry expertise, we deliver proven solutions that will help revitalize automotive sales, drawing on a range of insights and methods:

  • Data-driven forecasts for car sales in Europe
  • Learnings and best practices from the Chinese automotive sector
  • Consumer insights based on research with 11,000+ consumers from 11 countries and 50+ car dealer interviews
  • Our Sales Recovery Framework with clear recommendations and ready-to-use assets from operative support to technology solutions

Today, we can support you in ramping up your business, helping identify the most profitable sales channels to increase vehicle sales for the rest of 2020 and beyond. Tomorrow, we can work with you to shape the ‘new normal’ in automotive sales, recognizing ongoing developments in consumer behavior.

Supercharge the automotive supply chain

Our clients in the automotive supply chain need support to kick start their businesses fast. We use our expertise and industry insight to supercharge their core operations functions. In the meantime, we offer comprehensive support to help OEMs to balance demand and suppliers, to regulate capacity. We integrate sales and demand insights into operations planning, setting up metrics and measures to support informed decisions.

We can help OEMs get their manufacturing supply chains up and running quickly by:

  • Sharing our knowledge of true customer demand of the digital supply chain
  • Advising you on the possibilities of a revised supply network and sourcing strategy
  • Offering access to our digital collaborative eco-systems platforms
  • Sharing our expertise in creating a truly digital enterprise
  • Helping you digitize the supply chain, working towards the closed loop of plan-make-source-deliver-service-return
  • Introducing our proven solutions for digital enterprise, including Digital Control Tower, Green-Lean-Digital Factory and Digital Core with SAP S/4HANA

In the mid-term, we’ll use the knowledge we’re gaining from our collective COVID-19 experience to rethink the digital supply chain. This includes developing a digital collaborative eco-system / platform; working towards integrated and autonomous sales and operations planning; creating a tight link to the sales funnel; implementing a seamless engineering and supply chain integration; and the introduction of the Green-Lean-Digital factory concept.

Don’t be last off the grid

Working in agile mode, we’ve applied our manufacturing and automotive sector expertise, combined with our proven digital capabilities, to develop a digital crisis recovery approach. An approach that will help drive our clients in the automotive industry out of this crisis and into pole position. Now is the time to get ahead.


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