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climate week NYC | September 17-24, 2023

Let’s embark on a journey to sustainability.

Climate Week NYC is one of the largest annual climate event gatherings in the world. It is designed to drive transition, speed up progress, and champion change. Bringing together businesses, politicians, and local activists, the event is a rallying cry in the movement to net zero by 2050.

Capgemini understands the need to move from business commitments to sustainable results. Achieving sustainability is more than hitting regulatory targets; it is positively transformative and creates valuable impact for every part of an organization. It is about fostering a complete mindset shift, from individuals taking stock of the whole sustainable picture to companies understanding the end-to-end change that it entails.

Climate Week NYC is an opportunity for Capgemini to help businesses understand how interconnected and complex achieving sustainability actually is. Complexity comes with the urgent need to deliver on commitments to limit climate impact.

Join Capgemini at Climate Week NYC to learn how to turn a sustainable journey into valuable and future-proofed opportunities. Check out the program below and register to attend.

Business to planet: Consciously accelerating sustainability

Discover how we are fully embracing the need to move from business commitments to sustainable results.