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Client story

Designing an Interactive Campaign to Educate and Raise Awareness


A lack of education and low awareness of Central Precocious Puberty (CPP), a rare disease in which puberty starts too early in children, was inhibiting critical, early diagnosis for successful treatment. AbbVie asked Capgemini Invent to create a campaign that would educate, raise awareness, increase patients on therapy, and improve overall adherence.


Our team approached this challenge by developing a campaign that included an unbranded website, educational video, banner ads, HCP ads, and in-office promo materials. We also created an interactive philanthropic social campaign where every user action on the campaign site added “cookies” to a virtual cookie jar. When the goal of 10,000 cookies was reached, AbbVie pledged a donation to a related public health organization.

While the campaign was patient-focused, HCPs were engaged by distributing materials via reps to HCP offices. The tracker app also included a physical packet for patients to receive from their HCP. The packet contained information on the app, a storybook, and activity books to complete while waiting after each shot.


  • In less than five months, our campaign exceed projections and reached 100% of the goal.
  • Our solution proved successful and helped foster partnerships with key advocacy groups.