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Client story

A UK conglomerate achieves excellence in application services with Capgemini’s ADMnext

Client: UK-based conglomerate
Region: UK
Industry: Manufacturing; Hi-tech

How Capgemini helped deliver dynamic application services across five different business lines at a UK-based, global conglomerate

Client Challenges: A global, UK-based conglomerate wanted to standardize service delivery across different business units, lower service costs, and improve service quality

Solution: Capgemini worked with the organization to deliver comprehensive application services that resulted in standardization across business units, substantially reduced costs, and increased service levels


  • 80K in savings per year on an annual service request spend of 600K
  • Decreased ticket turnaround time from 5.6 days to 2.4 days
  • More than 1,100 ticket reductions and over 7,000 hours of employee time freed up and redeployed to other areas
  • Automation and analytics tools reduced incidents

Capgemini helps deliver dynamic application services across five business different lines at a UK-based, global conglomerate

As a large and diversified group, a UK-based conglomerate was looking for a provider that could deliver standardization across a variety of business units and markets, and also satisfy the demand for localized agility, innovation, and efficiency. Capgemini began by providing application services to the organization’s central Business Information Systems department, which supports all five of their divisions. These include Medical Technology, Security & Defense, General Industry, Energy, and Space & Aerospace, which are spread out across different industries and geographies.

Each of these divisions is subject to different technological, regulatory, and competitive pressures, which were contributing to a number of ongoing challenges. These included: overseeing different versions of SAP and multiple ERP systems, supporting 24-hour business operations, the high cost of raising service requests, and delays in payment processing and delivery of customer invoices.

On the path to continuous improvement with automation

To help the business address all of these challenges, the Capgemini delivery team leveraged ADMnext, a full-stack integrated set of solutions for delivering ADM services. Part of ADMnext is the Capgemini Integrated Automation Platform (CIAP), which is a unified suite of automation tools, frameworks, and services. The CIAP was utilized to provide automation solutions and reduce operational costs, while also improving service delivery.

As part of the CIAP offering, Capgemini extensively utilized Smart Analytics tools to analyze existing ticket and incident data and determine which solutions could be automated. Then, using this information, these tools scanned the data and created knowledge objects or templates for faster resolution of similar incidents. Essentially, these tools helped Capgemini identify opportunities for improvement in the client’s current operations.

Next, to reduce the number of tickets being generated, Capgemini fully implemented Eyeshare SAP ABAP scripting and Oracle OEM automation. Capgemini also developed an SAP-based rapid response tool called RaRe, along with UIPath, a Robotic Process Automation tool. Both of these tools led to the identification and initiation of a number of process automation projects, thus improving productivity and reducing the required manual effort. Following this, the Capgemini delivery team also crafted a brand-new Continued Service Improvement Process (CSIP) to help generate, identify, and develop innovative ideas in a systematic and disciplined manner.

These steps drastically reduced the number of tickets and increased the efficiency and stability of multiple processes across each of the client’s five divisions. With more time to dedicate to higher impact work, the organization’s employees were able to add more value. Overall, these initiatives have:

  • Delivered 80K in savings per year on an annual service request spend of 600K
  • Decreased ticket turnaround time from 5.6 days to 2.4 days
  • Increased innovations and reduced the number of tickets by more than 1,100
  • Over 7,000 work hours freed up and redeployed to other areas
  • Reduced incidents through the introduction of automation and analytics tools.

The road ahead with ADMnext

Capgemini is currently working with the organization to help identify future improvement opportunities throughout its business units. Over the next year, Capgemini intends to bring in more Business Process Automation. Additionally, Capgemini will be leveraging solutions related to Data Analytics, Innovation, and Digitalization over the next few years to contribute tremendously to the client’s future growth.