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Supply chain

Fifteen supply chain jobs of the future

A definitive guide to the emerging roles driving the intelligent transformation of supply chain operations.

Organizations are facing a paradigm shift in how they effectively manage their supply chains. While the hurdles of streamlining and automating vast swathes of supply chain functions remain, the challenges facing organization’s supply chains are increasingly complex.

Michael Cook, Head of Influencer Strategy, Intelligent Supply Chain Operations, Capgemini’s Business Services

On the one hand, companies need to create slick, efficient supply chains that cater to transient and often fickle consumers, while simultaneously having to deliver on stringent sustainability targets. On the other, organizations are tackling these targets in the face of massive macroeconomic and geo-political instability. And while intelligent technologies continue to transform the way supply services are imagined and delivered, the metaverse will create even more opportunities to drive enhanced customer experience and greater loyalty.

There are no quick, short-term fixes to these challenges and developments. What’s needed is a complete transformation of supply chain operations. And it is our people – the real champions of the new supply chain reality – who will make it all happen.

But what will this new reality look like?
This definitive guide explores how empowering your people with new and exciting roles can drive digital transformation and unlock enhanced outcomes – not just in your supply chain, but across your entire organization. It aims to serve as a siren call for executives, employees, and graduates to guide their supply chain business strategy and career progression in the years to come.

New roles that will shape the future of supply chain across three broad areas

    Changing times

    New supply chain roles are needed to mitigate the impact of rising energy costs, geopolitical instability, and changing consumer behavior.

    Supply Chef

    Maintains a portfolio of alternative, sustainable suppliers, updating it to keep up with the latest product line “recipes”.

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    Disruption Director

    Uses problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of the supply chain ecosystem to react quickly and effectively to disruption.

    Download Brochure 572 KB application/pdf

    Inefficiency Architect

    Identifies risk and builds redundancy into the supply chain to ensure continuity of supply and critical service levels during a crisis.

    Download Brochure 441 KB application/pdf

    Head of Tailor-Made Supply Chain

    Oversees operations and strategy across the entire supply chain to ensure it stays ahead of consumer demand.

    Download Brochure 477 KB application/pdf

    Supergrid Hero

    Coordinates and collaborates with competitors and logistics businesses to create a more connected transportation and communication network.

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        The tech revolution

        The supply chain is in the midst of a technological revolution. New supply chain professionals comfortable with AI and technology are needed.

        Parameter Pedant

        Drives supply chain performance by analyzing complex processes, identifying new opportunities and implementing cutting-edge technologies.

        Download Brochure 472 KB application/pdf

        Metaverse Merchandizer

        Brings a brand’s products and services to life in a virtual world, creating an experience that is both unique and familiar to customers.

        Download Brochure 452 KB application/pdf

        Bionic Human

        Performs physically demanding tasks across the supply chain, from lifting stock bins to moving materials and filling consignments.

        Download Brochure 539 KB application/pdf

        Up Close and Personal Trainer

        Utilizes cutting-edge augmented reality technology to create immersive and effective training programs in a safe and controlled environment.

        Download Brochure 366 KB application/pdf

        VTOL Commander

        Creates an agile, efficient drone logistics service model that adapts to demand, making the delivery process faster and more reliable.

        Download Brochure 464 KB application/pdf

            Sustainability cascade

            Supply chain is a major contributor to carbon footprint. New professionals are needed to optimize the supply chain for sustainability.

            Waste Wealth Manager

            Identifies opportunities to reduce waste, increase circularity, and maximize resource efficiency within the supply chain.

            Download Brochure 492 KB application/pdf

            Chief of Packaging Possibilities

            Revolutionizes the way companies package and ship their products, as well as promoting circularity in the supply chain.

            Download Brochure 453 KB application/pdf

            Carbon CapEx Calculator

            Helps organizations execute a long-term, comprehensive carbon reduction strategy across the supply chain.

            Download Brochure 474 KB application/pdf

            Circularity Olympian

            Identifies and implements circular economy initiatives and solutions that eliminate waste, reuse materials, and regenerate the natural world.

            Download Brochure 481 KB application/pdf

            Emissions Materials Thinker

            Assesses the emissions impact across the value chain to identify opportunities for decarbonization and sustainability.

            Download Brochure 505 KB application/pdf

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              Michael Cook

              Head of Influencer Strategy for Intelligent Supply Chain Operations, Capgemini’s Business Services
              Michael has extensive experience as an industry analyst, sales lead, speaker, thought leader, and board member. He has led multiple research practices across the areas of customer experience, talent management, artificial intelligence (AI), supply chain, IT services, and cyber security.

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