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Tech4Positive Futures – To build bridges between technology, business, and society

May 13, 2020

Tech4Positive Futures (T4PF) is how we bring together technology, business, and society to create and enable a better world. It is our ongoing endeavor to demonstrate how technology and business can drive positive change.

In January 2020, we kicked off an internal global challenge to seek out the best tech solution that can create positive futures by addressing existing societal issues. We received hundreds of brilliant ideas from colleagues across the Capgemini Group, echoing our commitment to be Architects of Positive Futures.

While all the T4PF ideas were innovative and future-ready, we chose 13 finalists from 15 countries to compete at a global level for the winning spot. The winner of the Tech4Positive Futures Challenge will get the opportunity and support from the company to build the idea into reality. We will announce the winner by July 2020.

Here’s a sneak peek into the brilliant ideas we received.


SpeechFirst will provide a means for stroke survivors to continue their speech and language therapy (SLT) at home at a more accessible cost that can be continued on a long-term basis for maximum results and recovery. This solution aims to use AI to detect incorrect facial movements and pronunciation so that patients can get real-time tips and recommendations.

Greener Mailbox

This tech solution aims to foster a more sustainable company environment by making people involved in the management of their mailbox. The solution will develop an Outlook add-on providing recommendations and statistics so that everyone becomes an actor of carbon footprint reduction.

City Infrastructure Capacity Tracker

This tech solution aims to create a real-time capacity tracker for key city infrastructure (e.g., hospital beds, ventilators and homeless shelter beds) available in a city. This will make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable – especially in times of crisis.

Swasthya Tech

The objective is to build a technical framework that will provide cheap and affordable access to medical assistance. It will recommend vaccines and medicines based on symptoms to the rural population, keeping in mind the ailments in the specific community.

Lego Smart City Lab for IoT Testing

The idea is to develop a smart city environment using Lego bricks, which will be controlled via a virtual learning environment. Through this initiative, schools, universities, and people in underdeveloped areas worldwide will have the opportunity to learn coding and testing interactively (e.g. via virtual simulation games) with a PC, tablet, or just a smartphone.


Elixir aims to combat the challenges of water scarcity and quality. The ambition is to develop the potential to provide more transparency to the water sector with regards to drawing insights from data from the ground, supply chain management, spending, contracts, payments, and pricing, thus reducing the gap to ensure that everyone receives better allocated, fairly priced clean water and affordable water services.

m-health application for maternal care

The solution addresses India’s maternal mortality rate, which is number of women who die due to pregnancy- or childbirth-related issues per 100,000 births. In India the average is 122, significantly higher than the UN Sustainable Development Goal target of below 70.

SOS Angels

SOS Angels is an application allowing people in trouble to send and receive notifications to get help from people nearby by involving the solidarity and civic engagement of the volunteers registered on this innovative and supportive platform. Based on geolocation and help type categorization, the app offers the necessary workflow for both the requester and the helper (named Angel).


More than two billion people regularly experience food insecurity. Enchilada will evaluate and run optimization models for diets in low-, middle-, and high-income countries regarding affordability, nutritional contents, healthy diet criteria, and sustainability. By leveraging modern data science and big data platforms, the solution will help create actionable insights for policy makers.

Cyber Square

This solution aims to counteract digital exclusion due to existing social inequalities by developing a high-quality, free, and widely available scholar offer. The ambition is to create an e-learning “Cyber Square” platform for online IT courses of a national range that is globally scalable and adaptable.

The Mission of Umbrella

The solution will use ASR (automatic speech recognition) technologies to help the vulnerable by ensuring timely and effective assistance to stop violent crimes. This is an endeavor to provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Pursuit of Happiness

This solution aims to ensure that everyone, especially, the most disadvantaged people, have access to fundamental human needs, such as food (nutrition), shelter, clothing, quality education, healthcare, and sanitation. By building a collaborative society, understanding the societal need, and smartly utilizing human and natural resources, we can improve access to fundamental needs for a majority of people today and in the future.

Zero Hunger in Schools

This solution proposes an app- and web-based platform driven by a secure, cloud-based database leveraging machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to optimize food supply and distribution to food-insecure children. It will connect parents, teachers, welfare officers, volunteers, partner organizations, and governments to provide emergency meals to kids in need.

Stay tuned to learn more!

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