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C-V2X: the path towards automotive 5G

Raghuraman Bheema Rao
24 Nov 2022

The future of the automotive industry lies in autonomous and connected vehicles. The widespread adoption of such vehicles, however, will be largely dependent on confidence in their safety.

In many cars today, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) employ camera systems, sensor technology, and car data networks to provide a safer driving experience. But, although they’re continually evolving, these systems may still not go far enough in offering the safety assurance that drivers and their passengers need. Tall buildings or poor weather conditions, for example, can limit the effectiveness of sensors and cameras, often arguably when they’re most needed.

Greater assurance can, though, be found in one particular recent technological development: Cellular V2X (vehicle-to-everything). Comprising vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) technology, C-V2X expands a vehicle’s ‘vision’ to far greater distances than can be achieved by ADAS, even extending it around blind corners and in low visibility conditions. Indeed, these capabilities mean C-V2X will form a fundamental part of intelligent transport systems going forward.

Fully utilising C-V2X is not without its challenges, however. Its effectiveness relies on the continuous transmission of huge volumes of data between vehicles and external servers and cloud platforms, something that requires high bandwidth connectivity and significant compute and storage capacity. Fortunately, the advent of 5G and the growing popularity of edge computing represent a means of bypassing what, until now, has been a major sticking point in the system.

It’s here that Capgemini can help in the development of C-V2X technology. With unmatched end-to-end on-board and roadside units, vulnerable road user, and edge platform solutions for the C-V2X market, Capgemini can play a significant part in delivering the smart mobility solutions of the future, and offering the safety assurance upon which their adoption depends.


Raghuraman Bheema Rao

Product Line Manager – Automotive Software Framework Solutions
Raghuraman BHEEMA RAO, is Product Line Manager for Automotive Software Framework Solutions. He has 20+ Years of industry experience, with last 17+ years in Capgemini His responsibilities include V2X product activities, roadmaps, pre-sales, offerings development and partnerships. Experience in V2X include DSRC / C-V2X technologies, V2V/V2I/V2P use cases, Protocol layers and Silicon platforms. He has good understanding of market trends, ecosystem and key players in the V2X market across geographies.