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Boomi enables enhanced outcomes in cash and collections


While digital has come far, many organizations still struggle with unhappy employees and customers, slow decision-making, and too many employees focusing on repetitive, manual tasks. Unfortunately, order-to-cash (O2C) processes have not escaped this either. Data, systems, and processes remain stubbornly disconnected from one another – leading to a rapid increase in exceptions, higher costs, and revenue loss.

Capgemini’s integrated, AI-enabled O2C solution leverages Boomi’s data integration platform to bring orchestrated data, self-service, and AI-powered processing, insights, and analytics to the O2C process. This augments how Mary, a collections analyst, Rajesh, a disputes analyst, and Ashley, their manager complete their cash and collections tasks, enabling them to deliver an enhanced, frictionless customer experience.

Consolidating O2C the easy way

Let’s start with Mary – a hard-working collections analyst. Mary used to spend time reviewing her accounts, calling and emailing customers to collect cash – hoping they paid on time so she could achieve her targets. Now, with the help of our AI-enabled O2C solution Mary completes more important tasks – like helping resolve challenging issues with the business teams, or improving customer experience so they buy more products and services.

Her customers engage with her via self-service portals, interactive digital statements, and other channels. They also buy more because they experience fewer exceptions and invoice issues. Our next-gen O2C solution helps to connect the dots here – enabling Mary to solve her customer’s problems, forecast her month-end collections target, and recommend different approaches to improve her customers’ days sales outstanding.

O2C dispute? No problem…

Rajesh is an O2C disputes analyst. Because our solution leverages customer data from across core systems, customer and bank portals, and digital concierge systems to solve dispute and collections issues, Rajesh can now concentrate on higher-value tasks such as root cause analysis and complex business problems.

For example, next-gen, AI-enabled O2C technology enables Rajesh to orchestrate data to solve tax and pricing disputes. This means he now only needs to focus on the final steps or interactions of this process with his customers and sales team – which gives him more time to eliminate exceptions by improving this process overall.

Order-to-cash visibility at your fingertips

Finally, there’s Ashley – Mary and Rajesh’s manager. Our AI-enabled O2C solution gives Ashley visibility over her customers’ end-to-end O2C process. It also gives her a view of her team’s expected performance and recommendations on improving their performance. Because our solution consolidates real-time data from all systems into one place, Ashley can now see transactions as they’re solved in real time, in addition to any trends that might impact results – helping her to take action to optimize outcomes quickly.

At the heart of our next-gen O2C solution, Boomi’s intelligent, cloud-based platform enables Mary, Rajesh, and Ashley to complete their daily tasks more efficiently by giving them the information they need, when they need it. By enabling enterprises to integrate and orchestrate services and manage workflows, anywhere – on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge, Boomi helps seamlessly connect device and application data to accelerate business improvements and transform operations.

This makes Mary, Rajesh, and Ashley happier, their customers happier, and well, the world of finance a better place.

Watch a video (scroll down to the AI.Receivables section) to learn how Capgemini’s AI.Receivables – enabled by Boomi – helps Mary, Rajesh, and Ashley deliver frictionless, next-generation order-to-cash.

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Divya Turner is the current global process owner for order-to-cash (O2C), the product owner for AI. Receivables, and has over 15 years of experience in driving innovation in O2C.