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Customer Experience

Your customers are unique. Different needs, different expectations, different preferences.

How do you connect emotionally to build long-lasting relationships with them – and enable your employees to give them a personalized experience across all interactions?

What’s more, there are thousands of them. Possibly, millions. How do you gather data on each one, make sense of it, and act on it individually – and in real time? How do you acquire and keep your customers?  

We can help you transform the way you provide engaging experiences to your customers and employees, end to end, so you can build relationships that are valued by every individual customer, and which help you grow your business.

We do it globally, in an industrialized way, with you, and for you.

Client Stories

      What we do

      Immersive experiences can give your customers and employees the ability to do what they may not have been able to do – or do things in a unique way. 

      Immersive experiences can effectively provide superpower-like capabilities and experiences to customers, employees, and other users. Technology is the enabler. Feel the power of Immersive Experiences.

      Today’s brands must adapt to truly connect to rapidly changing customer and employee experiences.

      With real-time insights into your customer expectations, you can connect and engage with your audience at the right moment with contextual and personalized experiences – while building relationships that last.

      Why is your customer average order value lower than the benchmark?

      Find out how to increase your sales, expand the range of channels people use, build long-term B2B relationships, and turn your average salespeople into star performers.

      Everyone loves great customer service.

      You can benchmark your contact center operations, evaluate the efficiency of field service programs, and use AI to improve performance, so you can make (and keep) customers happy. And you can reduce your cost-to-serve at the same time. Service excellence builds brand loyalty and advocacy.

      Customers expect brands to engage with them on their terms.

      They expect personalized, memorable, engaging and seamless experiences across the entire customer journey. Make your supply chain, order-to-quote, new channels, in-store trade, D2C, and online business work together seamlessly. Give yourself ambitious new growth targets – and achieve them.

      Drive a personalized customer experience with data.

      To truly win the hearts and minds of your customers, you need to go beyond traditional CDPs and deliver a holistic approach to orchestrate a dynamic, interconnected customer experience powered by data. 

      Drive a frictionless customer experience across your organization.

      To do this, implement a scalable, cloud-based, omnichannel platform that puts your customers at the center.

        Smart Mobility Connect

        Empowering OEMs to create the mobility ecosystem of the future designed with people at heart.

        Capgemini Invent

        Inventive brand experience

        Reimagining your brand to become better connected, more empathetic and more relevant.

        Capgemini Invent

        Inventive shopping

        Focusing on the crucial question, what kind of retailer do your customers need you to be?

        Capgemini Invent

        Inventive banking

        Defining your role to thrive in the highly disruptive environment of next generation digital banking.

        Capgemini Invent

        Inventive insurer

        Delivering the next generation of digital insurance business models.

        Capgemini Invent

        Inventive telecoms

        It’s time to switch your business strategy model from traditional products to next generation smart connected products and services. 

        Capgemini Invent

          Capgemini recognized as a ‘Leader’ in Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices 2022 report by independent research firm

          Meet our experts

          Jukka Tuominen

          Head of Customer Experience Offering & CX Presales Lead, Capgemini Finland
          Jukka is responsible for Capgemini’s Salesforce offering in Finland market. He has broad experience in CX, CRM and Salesforce, and has held leading roles in various digital projects including large scale international CRM transformations.

          Nina Antipin

          CX & Design Lead
          Nina is CX & Design Lead in Capgemini Finland. She is design and marketing professional with an extensive knowledge of creating and leading effective CX, brand, business, design and marketing strategies. She is passionate about future design and creating innovative CX strategies that helps customers to create more value for their business. Nina believes in motivational, growth mindset and people-oriented leadership approach.

          Marjut Kytösalmi

          Head of Digital & Application Services Practice, Capgemini Finland
          Marjut leads our Application Services Practice and Digital People unit. Apps Practice is our local team of application design and development experts from Business Technology solutions, SAP, Cloud to Digital.  Digital unit comprises multiple competences from design to development for end-to-end digital services development i.e. Customer Experience development experts.