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Customer first

how to put your customer first with connected marketing

Tackle complexity and improve efficiency of the marketing ecosystem.

Marketing today is all about putting the customer first, understanding how they interact with the brand, and knowing when, and where, to start a conversation with them. The outcome – and aim of this customer-first focus – is a brand differentiating customer experience. In this landscape, marketing is all about putting both brand and experience in context.

Connected marketing leverages data and technology to realize your customer-first strategy

Connected marketing means customer activation by personalized, relevant, and branded content, delivered in the right moment by a responsive, interdisciplinary, and empowered marketing organization that can execute at scale through adequate marketing technology.

At Capgemini, we bring together data, technology and a brand vision to create and realize our clients’ customer-first strategies. We provide strategic consulting, build the architecture, implement new digital tools, and run the entire ecosystem, as well as monitor, fine-tune and support organizational change.

We deliver on the promise of connected marketing through five principles:

  1. Data-driven Brand Management: Definition of brand strategy, innovation and generation of new revenue streams for growth
  2. Responsive Marketing Organization: Set of functions, roles, and resources within a business responsible for the execution of the marketing initiatives of the organization
  3. Personalized Customer Activation: Flawless distribution and optimization of content based on real-time understanding of the customer’s needs
  4. Relevant Content Marketing: Production and management of engaging, entertaining, or educational advertising materials
  5. Marketing Technology at Scale: Design and deploy the right set of marketing technology solutions and tools to drive marketing initiatives, measure their effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions