Roadmap for Next-Generation Systems at Sibelga

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The roadmap developed in co-operation with Capgemini allows Belgian intercommunal company Sibelga to meet future IT and regulatory requirements.

“ Other service providers had already decided on a particular technology before they even analyzed our needs. Capgemini, on the other hand, had no set agenda in mind and took a completely open approach to the project.. ”Philippe Colin, Chief Information Officer, Sibelga

The Situation

Pending the deregulation of the Belgian energy market, Sibelga, the intercommunal company that operates the natural gas and electricity distribution network in the Brussels-Capital Region, needed to develop an IT roadmap in preparation for its next generation computer system.

As of 1 January 2008, Sibelga will also need to operate its own IT systems independently of the former operator Electrabel. After putting out a request for tenders in 2005, Sibelga selected Capgemini as its partner for conducting this fundamental consultancy project. The project will have significant long-term impact on Sibelga’s business as it forms the groundwork for the intercommunal computer infrastructure for the years ahead.

The Solution

Capgemini immediately decided to take an open approach to the project. The first step was to analyze the market situation and Sibelga’s needs before deciding on a technology solution.

Capgemini developed a roadmap for managing the transition period, taking into account company priorities, regulatory deadlines, technical requirements and market norms and standards.

The Result

Capgemini joined forces with Sibelga’s IT department to map out all the resources that the intercommunal company has at its disposal. It then produced a roadmap that fully met their expectations. With this new roadmap, Sibelga and its IT partners are now ready to manage the transition period as well as implement the solutions they need to support and further develop the intercommunal’s operations.


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