NetSuite’s ERP flexibility and customization will let you sleep soundly

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NetSuite is a complete end-to-end solution – from commerce through to financials and for just about everything in-between – all contained in one flexible software platform that is true cloud and upgradeable.

Selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for a business is a daunting task, akin to picking out a mattress on a Sunday afternoon.

I have spent most of my career in ERP, and I always find it interesting (comical even) how companies select the new enterprise resource planning system that is going to run their daily operations. Similarly, I’m sure the staff at the mattress store would get a kick out of watching me select a mattress as quickly as I can, without upsetting my wife, so that I can get back home to watch football from my recliner.

And the thing is, the process for selecting an ERP system relies on the same three key factors I use in that mattress store: support, comfort, and price.

Support: What else is a mattress for? In the same way, proper support from your ERP software will make the system and your business successful. You can purchase the most expensive and full-featured ERP system known to humanity, but if the software and your employees are not supported properly, it will fail.

Comfort: The ERP system must be the right size, it must fit your industry, and it must contain the proper functionality, or else you’ll be tossing and turning and not sleeping well. That will leave you tired and inefficient.

Price: Let’s be frank, price is a factor in any purchase, and ERP software is no different. And, although ERP systems require a significant upfront investment, it’s not just about the purchase price. The proper implementation of resources, scope, and time frames mean your new ERP system will pay for itself quickly.

Software evaluators spend most of their time focused on peripheral factors in their evaluation, i.e. salesperson likeability, company, features, dashboards, reports, etc. – the pretty stuff in other words, since most ERP systems look alike and consist of the same general features and functionality. ERP systems are not built with the same technology and inner workings, but not everyone realizes that. After all, what are the specifics of your mattress’ spring construction, coil counts, motion separation, temperature, and edge support? Who knows?

That’s what sets a NetSuite ERP system apart. It was built from the ground up to be a multi-tenant, true cloud application. That means that all the 14,000-plus companies running NetSuite in more than 160 countries use the same version of the product, and it’s regularly updated, so the application stays current and grows, scales, and evolves along with your business needs.

NetSuite is a complete end-to-end solution – from commerce through to financials and for just about everything in-between – all contained in one flexible software platform that is true cloud and upgradeable.

NetSuite’s technology is powerful and flexible. It can be run as a vanilla/best-practice ERP system with a short implementation time frame, or it can be scalable and customized to fit the needs of large enterprise companies or divisions, and for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, international/regional expansions, and new products or brands of larger, established companies. Customers and third-party developers can customize and apply their industry-specific applications within the NetSuite platform, and, in turn, these customizations are upgradeable as improvements are released by the software vendor. Customizations are easily converted in the new release. It really works.

Capgemini is distinctively positioned to help organizations take advantage of NetSuite’s true cloud functionality with our award-winning NetSuite implementation practice, which has been assisting NetSuite customers for the past decade. Capgemini’s NetSuite Consulting Practice empowers our customers by allowing them to maximize their investment in NetSuite’s unique offering, while they maintain their key focus on building their business.

Back to the mattress store: imagine if you had a great mattress that didn’t wear out and didn’t need to be replaced for the foreseeable future. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

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