Do you embrace challenges?

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Deals we work on are becoming unusual or non-standard and the roles we now have in response to this changing environment are also becoming more varied, interesting, and rewarding.

In my current role as the Head of Service Introduction within Application Management Services (#AppsMgt), I am frequently asked to get involved with many different delivery and service related activities, issues and challenges.
To give you more background about my role, it was established to ensure that supportability of complex application build projects was considered from early conception of the solution, on through the build and transition into service delivery. Therefore my role in a nutshell is to manage the unusual deals and give them the attention that is required with the end goal of delivering the best supportable service to the client.

Given that my role is so broad, what does that mean in practice? Well, in simple terms it may mean that I provide oversight and governance to the bid team, build team, transition or service delivery teams or at times it may mean that I need to get more heavily involved with deliverables, (which could be at any point in this lifecycle). As you can imagine, given this broad sphere of potential activities, I’ve gotten used to taking new challenges in my stride and have learnt that saying ‘Yes’ fuels my passion for personal/professional growth and facilitates my need for positive affirmation when the job is done well.

More and more I am finding that the deals we work on are becoming unusual or non-standard and the roles we now have in response to this changing environment are also becoming more varied, interesting and rewarding.

For those of us who embrace roles like this, it has to be a conscious decision to welcome challenges and to be able to break away from what you know and what you are comfortable with. It’s not often I shy away from any activity or challenge nowadays because I’ve found that saying ‘Yes’ and taking the risk to learn something new both rewards and satisfies my desire to continually grow and achieve.

The reason I find working for Capgemini is so rewarding is that you are trusted to get to the right answer and empowered to lean on the right people for help and support. Should a task, activity or project fall short of perfection, there are always valuable lessons learned that we can benefit from the next time. Saying ‘Yes’ can lead to self-discovery and create valuable opportunities for growth, empowerment and fulfilment. By embracing my role, I step out of my comfort zone regularly, but I do this knowing that I have the full backing of a great team who will support and work with me to succeed.

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