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As one of the North American leaders of Capgemini’s Veterans Employee Resource Group, one of my greatest honors is to help find and recruit Veterans who have the experience, education, and drive that will make them successful as they transition from the military to corporate America.

I recently got such an opportunity at the winter Mega Career Fair at Fort Hood in Killeen, TX.  I was joined by another one of the VERG’s North American leaders, Nolan Melson, from the downtown Austin Office.  Nolan graduated from West Point and spent his time on active duty as an Air Defense Artillery Army Officer, stationed at Fort Hood.  Analisa Rodriguez, PMO for Recruitment, from the Houston office joined us, as did Scott Edwards, a Recruiter from Insights and Data out of the Dallas office.  During the five hour event, we spoke with more than 100 soldiers, retirees, military family members, and at least one Marine.  Of these, we identified more than 20 who we felt had the right combination of the aforementioned experience, education, and drive to be successful at Capgemini.  Nolan Melson, Analisa Rodriguez, Scott Edwards, Paul Dailey

Nolan offers his perspective. As a former Army officer that was stationed at Fort Hood just two years ago, it was truly rewarding to be back on the same base, this time in a position to help Veterans and spouses find rewarding careers at Capgemini.  I remember what it was like when I was on active duty, nervous about my transition out of the military, and worried that my military background would not translate well to the private sector.  Needless to say, after being with Capgemini for the past 18 months as a Business Analyst with CSD, I can really see how a lot of my technical training, and leadership experiences in the military transfer over into the IT industry.  Importantly, most people do not realize that a lot of Veterans, including those we spoke with at Fort Hood, already have certifications like CompTIA Network +, Security+, CCNA, CEH, SAP TERP10, Salesforce Administrator, PMP, bachelors and masters degrees in IT, CS, and MIS, and also have years of technical network administration experience at both the Senior Consultant and Manager levels.  For Veterans that do not have IT certification, there are great Veteran organizations out there like the Merivis Foundation that trains Veterans in Salesforce Administration and St. Michael’s Learning Academy that trains Veterans in SAP. Ultimately, these Veterans are hardworking, objective oriented, and eager to start their careers for companies like Capgemini.  To anyone reading this post who is in a position to help hire and staff resources, I encourage you to reach out to our designated Veteran Recruiters Analisa Rodriguez and Scott Edwards.  Let them know that you would like to help hire a Veteran today!

Scott writes: As the son of a Vietnam Veteran and someone who grew up on military bases across the world, I relish the opportunity to assist those who have made it their life’s work to serve our country.   I find that Veterans excel in a variety of ways, the most apparent being their allegiance to the mission of the organization.  I find them to be some of the most dedicated and resourceful employees, who survive and thrive in adverse circumstances.  They tend to embrace challenging environments and derive innovative solutions.   I’m grateful for my opportunity to be of service to them.

The outdated stereotype of military members being automatons who blindly follow orders is very quickly being replaced as the military and civilian sectors realize that the best Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, and employee is one who can, while following orders, think on his or her feet.  Both the military and corporate America require men and women who can adapt to a changing environment and step into a leadership role at a moment’s notice.  These are exactly the kind of people Capgemini has and needs more of.

Analisa has this to say. As the D&I Liaison for the Recruitment team, I have been able to work closely with VERG. I admire the members of this ERG and their dedication to assist Veterans and active military as they transition to a new challenge. I have seen Veterans join Capgemini and excel during their initial days, leaving a lasting impression on leadership. It has been my pleasure to work with the VERG and do what I can to help those who served and continue to serve our country.

If you’re interested in joining the VERG and becoming an active participant in our mission to assist Veterans, please contact Paul Dailey, Nolan, or our other VERG NA co-leads, Rick Finlay and Ken Nuehs.  We have a big vision for Capgemini’s pursuit of Veterans in 2017 and beyond and we need all the committed help we can get!

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