TechnoVision 2014 has attracted more attention and turned out to be more useful than previous editions, and this for three main reasons: first, the content is more attractive and accesible.  Secondly, an e-book clearly beats the most carefully written paper! Thirdly, TechnoVision 2014 directly supports the indispensable building of the Digital Enterprise.
The 2015 edition is the direct result of many client discussions – and of technology’s unabated progress. We summarize the main changes and their reasons in our introduction.
In these client discussions, we have learned four key lessons:
The first lesson is that TechnoVision speaks, as intended, to technology people as well as to business people. It speaks even better to both of them together – they come to the common understanding which is the key to their joint work and a prerequisite to becoming a Digital master.

The second lesson is that the ‘surgeon’s scalpel‘ – our way to select the design principles and trends relevant to the question at hand – works. For a large range of  situations, opportunities and issues, it is easy to select the right components of TechnoVision (not less than four, seldom more than ten), and through that create a solid view of the pertinent technologies.

The third lesson is that TechnoVision as a whole can be applied to discuss some generic topics like innovation or IT strategy – as a first step before customizing, specializing, deepening. This is why we are including a couple of them into TechnoVision 2015.
Finally, the work with our clients has vindicated the new positioning of TechnoVision 2014 as their tool on the path towards the Digital Enterprise. Digital provides the main vehicle to grow, not just in size, but in capabilities, in agility, in common intelligence. TechnoVision helps define the required transformation – as it happens because of, and with, technology. TechnoVision also helps with the how – getting business and technology together, speaking the same language, pursuing the same ambition.

After the publication of the ground-breaking book Leading Digital, written by our colleague Didier Bonnet with two MIT leaders, TechnoVision 2015 is designed to even further integrate our business and technology thinking – to better help enterprises grow.

Your expert: Pierre Hessler  

Part of Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2015 update series. See the overview here.