Oh, what would I say about my experience with Capgemini and where should I start? So much to tell and so little “text space”. All right, let’s start! As many of the other new college hires, I was selected about a month before I graduated from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. While I was listening to the presenters during the recruitment event, a few key words among many others caught my attention: SAP-INDIA-BUSINESS CASE PRESENTATION-NETWORKING-KNOWLEDGE-GREAT PEOPLE-FUN. These words pretty much summarize my whole experience during the nine weeks of training I have done. But let me break it down into details so you can have a better taste of it.

Atlanta, June 9, 2014, first day of training, and the class was already full at 9 am. Soon after, our awesome facilitator, Steve Villa, had us introduce ourselves to each other through a fun game—everyone was friendly and eager to start this exciting adventure. The first week was great. We learned a lot about Capgemini, also, we had various activities to help us network, improve our presentation skills, our research methodology, and so on. At the end of the week we had a salsa making contest. The idea was to divide into teams and to compete to see which team would be able to prepare the best salsa and guacamole. This game enabled us to work in teams and to get to know each other better. At the end, winner or not, we all had fun and enjoyed the delicious salsas that each team made with love and fun.

The second week of the training was called the Collaborating with Clients (CWC) week. We learned everything about how to work with clients in a professional way as Capgemini consultants. We worked on many business cases, prepared presentations, and practiced working with clients. The week went by so fast that we didn’t even realize that we were already at Friday, the day of our final presentation and our flight to India.

India was a completely different world and experience. The Capegemini office in Mumbai was very big with many buildings full of employees. During the first two days we had someone come over to teach us about the Indian culture and the most important aspects that we needed to know in order to work harmoniously with the natives. After, we were split into smaller groups and were assigned to different classes depending on our service lines and modules. The teachers were all good and were always available to help us when we needed it. We learned a lot and got a lot of information and material to help us prepare for our certification exam, which the majority of us passed on our first attempt. 

India as a country was amazing. During weekends we had the opportunity to visit many gorgeous places. The first trip was to Goa, a tropical village near the beach, where we had a lot of fun despite the monsoon season. We also made a new friend, a dog we funnily named “Masala”, which means “mix of spices” in Hindi. For the second trip we decided to go visit the famous Taj Mahal—seeing it in pictures was nothing compared to seeing it in real life. The weekend before the last, we went to visit the incredible mountains of Lonavla which was less than two hours away from Mumbai. The rain and the fog of the monsoon season made this experience unforgettable. The landscape was so heavenly that we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Our last week in India was Shadowing week. We were all assigned to a senior employee to work alongside and see the day of a consultant. This week was very beneficial and we brought back a lot of real world knowledge with us to Atlanta.

The last two weeks in Atlanta demanded a lot of work but the end result was great. We worked in teams for a complete week on a business case in order to present a solution to the high level management of Capgemini. We ended up learning a lot thanks to the great feedback of the present VPs and managers that were with us during the whole week to help us improve our critical thinking and presentation skills.
In brief, these nine weeks of training were unforgettable, fun, and most of all, REWARDING!