The explosion of mobility over the past few years is transforming the industry, like the Internet and client server technologies changed it before.  Mobile is one of the major drivers of cloud computing underpinning the anytime and anywhere promise. Furthermore, the cloud infrastructure used to power mobile solutions has enabled enterprises to deliver greater scale, and more flexible and sophisticated services to market, at a faster pace than ever before.
Illustrating this trend, new research shows that the evolving enterprise mobility market will see considerable growth in new cloud-based solutions: ABI Research forecasts that cloud app development and management platforms will generate US$3.6 billion in mobile enterprise application revenues by 2019.
The new mobile cloud era captures the focus of this year’s VMworld followed up with AirWatch Connect conference. These conferences explores how mobile and cloud technologies—delivered via the right people, processes and partnerships—means there are virtually no limits to the ways in which enterprises can transform their businesses. Improving productivity and giving their employees and partners a more flexible and agile business platform to work from is just the beginning of this boundless opportunity
As mobile strategies mature it will open up more opportunities for enterprises to use mobility as a strategic approach to boost sales and employee productivity, thinking ‘mobile first’. Going forward, developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT) will drive the next wave in the mobile revolution, promising a transformation in the way organizations connect with their employees, customers and partners.
In turn, that will open up new revenue opportunities across vertical sectors. IDC, for example, in its first US IoT Spending Guide By Vertical Markets, estimates the market for remote health monitoring will grow from $8.2 billion in 2014 to $12.4 billion in 2018, while revenues from in-store retail consumer digital offers will grow from $181 million in 2014 to $223 million in 2018.
But enterprises will need to consider their strategies carefully if they are to maximize the business benefits. They must construct mobile solutions with a clear management approach that puts the right device, app and content in place, to meet increasing demands for regulatory compliance. And they will need to develop strategies to harness the wealth of data they are generating, employing data analytics technologies, and integrating their mobile solutions with existing business support and back-end systems.
What’s more, innovative mobile solutions will require buy-in from, and support for, all stakeholders.
Come and see Capgemini at VMWorld and AirWatch Connect events to find out how mobile and cloud together can drive your enterprise productivity and how to ensure that you stay firmly in control.