On Twitter, Mikko Hypponen wonders about Lulzsec’s motive for doing what they are doing these days. There is little money to be made from their activities and as opposed to Anonymous Lulzsec doesn’t seem to be about hacktivism.

I guess this goes back to my teenage days: most of them are in it for the fame and recognition. Some twentyfive years ago, hacking was mostly about proving yourself and most hackers had good and some had less brave intentions.

Although I am not calling things a revolution, I think it is fair to say we are at a (second?) wave of evolution. After the mainframe era came the personal computer. And personal computing imposed itself upon us. It has come so close that the our phones are now our new personal computing devices. And behind this, we see a move of computers becoming less of the computing and storage powerhouses, in favor of an intangible mainframe: the cloud.

So I guess this is it: our industry has matured into any other industry that has a hog cycle. Where IT started out as something magic to most, we seem to be back at a stage where computing is something managed by wizards and poked at by those that aspire to be..