Okay today we’ve announced that one of Capgemini’s best kept secrets is going to be organised on a global basis. Master Data Management (MDM) is now being viewed as a full-lifecycle offer and we are working at standardising how we work with our clients around it.
What does that mean though? Well the first point is to be clear on what the real goal of MDM is

  • To deliver on-going operational improvements in Master Data

Now there are lots of other bits clearly but this is the real goal, not to deliver a data cleansing solution that makes data clean for a week and then progressively worse but one that actually focuses on delivering continual improvement in operations, in other words its about the operational management of information not simply the deployment of MDM technologies.
This has always been our vision for MDM at Capgemini and now we’ve pulled together all of the pieces so its easier for clients to adopt it. So what does it take to deliver a great operational MDM solution?

  1. You need to understand the business so for instance if looking at procurement you need the class leading consultants who can understand your business and help you understand and deliver the business benefits of MDM
  2. You need people who can simply translate that business vision, for instance for a knowing your customer into a technical solution which will deliver operational success
  3. You need people who can help you do the business operations side of MDM to enable you to cost effectively manage your master data, for instance like our team who are currently helping Coca-Cola
  4. You need people who can help you adopt to industry and technology changes such as the rise in social media in a managed and consistent way

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to take all of these from one company, just that these are the sorts of people and skills you need internally, or from partners, in order to make your MDM journey a success. MDM isn’t about a technical implementation programme its about delivering an operationally successful business solution for managing master data and that is about having the understanding and capacity to deliver the full-lifecycle of MDM.
By working across our MDM Advisory, Implementation and Operational divisions in a consistent way it means that we leverage the expertise through-out the MDM lifecycle and the value-chain. Our approach to advisory in based around the business challenge but backed by the experience of what a successful operational business solution looks like. Our approach to implementation is driven by the business focused, standardised by our industrialised delivery and finally set-up to enable effective operation. Our approach to operations is driven by the business goal and enabled by our business insight and delivered via our pre-defined technology solutions.
MDM isn’t just about technology implementation, indeed that is arguably the least important part, its about understanding the business challenge and understanding how to deliver successful business management of master data.
That is the full-lifecycle of MDM.