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Data and AI

When you join our Nordic Data and AI community you will be part of a collective of 500+ data enthusiasts.

The combined experience and expert knowledge of our employees within our organization puts us in the best possible position to help our clients succeed in their journey towards a data-driven enterprise. Using the transformative power of data and artificial intelligence, to drive positive impact – for our clients, people, society, and our planet.
We offer our clients everything from local deliveries to global transformation projects, where our considerable size in the Nordics gives us the competence and the capacity to truly make a difference. Our services include consultancy within ​Data Platforms, Visual analytics, Data Trust, Data Science & AI, Advisory Services and Solution Services.

Locally in Sweden we are more than 300 consultants, distributed across offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Helsingborg.

Find your unique career path

Our Data and AI community builds up of lifetime learners and master collaborators from many different businesses and locations.

Evolve together with your colleagues, together you will be able to explore, evolve and share in an open space. We offer a lot of possibilities for collaborative teamwork and for knowledge sharing. We help facilitate opportunities to connect and collaborate across disciplines and borders – fostering opportunities to combine cutting-edge ideas into innovation that can benefit our clients and the environment.

As an employee you’ll be given the opportunity to find your own unique path to an interesting and fulfilling career and future, with our company providing support throughout that journey. At Capgemini, you can apply your skills and passions in unexpected ways to build the future you want. Our Data and AI community has variety of career paths, well-defined roles, strategy, and integrated methodology that helps our talent to truly own their journey, while getting support from the leadership team and managers. Whether you’re an aspiring or a seasoned data engineer, data scientist, visualization expert or an architect, we have an opportunity for you that will help you to get the future you want.

Role spotlight: Data Engineer

Data Engineers are the foundation of the Data and AI profession applying their expertise to ensure governance and management, and influencing business decisions by the stories they tell with data.

At Capgemini, this multifaceted specialism has significant experience across traditional warehousing technologies and databases, Big Data and Cloud. There is never a dull moment in this career path!

Tap into the exciting world of Data Engineers

Myth busters

Georgia busts the popular myth that ‘only those with advanced  degrees can become a Data Engineer’. She started her career in Psychology and now is a Data Engineer with the Cloud Data Platform Team at Capgemini UK. 
Growth is limited as a Data Engineer. Myth! Snehesh shares his thoughts on how his work as a Data Engineer is varied, allowing him to learn every day and create a real impact.
Data engineering is boring. Wrong! Payton talks about the exciting nature of the Data Engineer role, as the first and important step into the data lifecycle.
Data engineers are the same as data scientists or analysts. Not really! Data Engineer is a role on its own! Steffen helps us understand how Data Engineers are different from other roles.

    Do good with Data and AI

    At Capgemini, we believe that Data and AI can greatly contribute to achieving a sustainable world.

    Teens in AI – 2022 global hackathon

    Inspiring the next generation of Data and AI talent to shape the world of tomorrow.

      Join us to create positive impact for people, society and planet

      As a Data and AI market leader we are responsible for building positive, inclusive and sustainable futures for the planet, people and society. We are actively leveraging ‘Data and AI for Good’, by partnering with stakeholders from public organizations, governments, industries, academia, start-ups, and citizens.

      Access support, best practices, and inspiration anytime, anywhere. You can take advantage of the guidance from mentors with rich experience across the spectrum and explore the curated learning paths that will take you up and across various roles.

      Be part of a diverse and inclusive team

      Diverse teams lead to a more inclusive tech design, drive fairness in AI systems, and reduce algorithmic biases. As a leading strategic partner to companies around the world, we are committed to actively contributing towards fostering diversity of minds in Data and AI to deliver ethical, unbiased, and trusted AI solutions while creating a sustainable and inclusive future with Data and AI.

      Our new podcast series features some of our remarkable women from our Data and AI global practice

      Get involved in our internal engagement initiatives

      We enable our Data and AI community members to engage with each other in different ways.

      • The Data Lounge, our bi-monthly free-flowing live conversations to connect, collaborate and stimulate curiosity.
      • Data and AI Campus, a learning space to grow technical expertise, upskill and cross-skill.
      • Data Storytellers a competition to showcase data storytelling talent.

      Find your future

      When you join our Data and AI community , you become part of a diverse global collective of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs and industry experts who are all driven to use technology to reimagine what’s possible.