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“…my idea of the future I want, keeps on changing! However, I do not see this as a problem while working at Capgemini, since this is a place where (more likely than not), the company can accommodate my ever-changing idea of the future.”

Before joining Capgemini, I studied for a master’s degree in civil engineering, focusing on finance, mathematics, and statistics at Lund University. I then worked as a management consultant and later a business expert reporter before joining Capgemini as a Data Engineer. Since then, I have worked with the same client, but on different projects, using Databricks, Power BI and various tools within Microsoft Azure.

What made you decide to apply to and join Capgemini?

When Capgemini approached me, I was in a position where I was looking for a new opportunity, and I was looking to get back into the world of consulting. I missed the diversity and broadness you get while working as a consultant with different clients, tools, and within different domains and industries. In a sense, when working as a consultant, the sky is the limit!

As I started to learn more about Capgemini and the people working here, I got the impression that everyone I met seemed down to earth and genuine. At the same time, I soon realized that Capgemini could provide most things related to my development, both in regards of technical skills as well as “soft” skills. As an example, I recently had the opportunity to take a training course in leadership, created by Capgemini and Harvard. This aligns very well with the future I want.

What makes you passionate about your work?

Well, partly the technical aspect of it all, I would say. But another big reason is my colleagues. When working on a project, you have your colleagues at the client site and your colleagues at Capgemini. This gives you a large pool of people with high competence, within such short proximity. There is always someone close by that you can turn to for help – it is a true luxury to be part of and surrounded by experts within different fields.

How are you working towards the future you want?

It is hard to say, because my idea of the future that I want keeps on changing! However, I do not see this as a problem while working at Capgemini, since this is a place where (more likely than not), the company can accommodate my ever-changing idea of the future. If I want to try something new or go in a certain direction, the right tools and opportunities can be found here at Capgemini. It does not matter if it is learning an innovative technology or learning a soft skill, I feel like Capgemini can provide the right pieces of the puzzle for me to achieve my goals.

What characterizes the people and culture at Capgemini?

It is an open climate here at Capgemini, I get the sense that people can be who they want to be. I guess one advantage of being a part of a large corporation is that you can choose whether you want to be more anonymous or take on a leading role within a community. Regardless, you will be respected and valued for your contribution.

When you work at Capgemini, you also realize that everyone in the company is (more or less), permeated with Capgemini’s key values. We can all see the importance of this, no matter where in the Capgemini world you are situated. We are different, but at the same time, so much alike. We respect each other and are humble in our approach.

What is the best thing about Capgemini?

I am weighing between the people and the opportunities. There are so many things to explore within Capgemini! You will most likely find something that suits your wants and needs, both short term and long term. However, at the end of the day, I think my colleagues are the best thing. After all, it is the people that make Capgemini.

Testimonial given when Mikael worked as a data engineer at Capgemini.

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