Tax & Welfare

Tax & Welfare agencies across the world are investing in digital transformation. As citizens and businesses alike increasingly use digital means to interact with government, agencies must adapt their processes, culture and IT capability to remain relevant and responsive.

Governments are striving to increase tax revenues, and improve welfare provision to citizens. This means finding new ways to improve the end-to-end experience for citizens and businesses, stop benefit and tax fraud, and use new technologies to be more productive in the delivery of today’s digital citizen journey.

These are all areas in which Capgemini excels. As a leading provider in public sector consulting and IT services, our expertise in Tax & Welfare makes us the ideal transformation partner.


Trends in TAX 2020: the agile tax office

Tax offices all over the world are on the brink of sweeping digital changes.

Digital Mail Helps HMRC Process Customer Correspondence More Quickly

Known as Digital Mail, this is the first large scale implementation of Capgemini’s Case as a Service (CaaS) managed service solution, and a leading example of Government as an early adopter of a fully managed digital correspondence lifecycle.