SAP Supply Chain

The supply chain delivers your promise to the customer, so it’s vital to optimise its end-to-end performance. Capgemini helps companies transform the supply chain digitally using SAP solutions like S/4 HANA, Ariba and Maximo, improving everything from demand forecasting through to distribution.

Supply chain is about the delivery of the promise to the customer. Historically, silos limited the performance of the end-to-end supply chain, even in effective organisations. Performance metrics across the organisation were not aligned, and it was hard to share data along the supply chain.

Now the competition has moved to digital, bringing challenges of its own, such as integrating devices across your and your customers’ operations to assess performance, and analysing real-time data to make optimal decisions.

We can help you to tackle these challenges and, by doing so, to transform supply chain performance. Depending on your needs we target areas like:

  • Demand forecast accuracy: leveraging actual demand data plus big data, and powerful collaboration tools.
  • Manufacturing throughput: better scheduling and making the right materials, tools and capability available on the shop floor.
  • Inventory velocity: positioning inventory and capacity in the supply network to match forecast demand.
  • Asset utilisation: real-time monitoring of asset performance, and optimised scheduling of maintenance, with the right parts, skills and information to hand.
  • Distribution efficiency: improved fleet and warehouse planning, real-time fleet management, and warehouse automation.

Supply chain expertise

Capgemini’s UK Supply Chain team has deep experience in supporting digital transformation, together with extensive industry knowledge and technological expertise. We are actively developing new business models, digital business networks and agile supply chains.

As both a supply chain authority and a respected, award-winning SAP partner, Capgemini is uniquely qualified solutions. We are leaders in S/4 HANA, and have deep knowledge across many applications including Maximo and Ariba.

Track record

Our work spans consulting, insights, cloud, digital and more. We have long-standing partnerships with clients who are leaders in aerospace & defense, automotive, consumer products, retail, life sciences, manufacturing and utilities. Projects range from large-scale global transformations to targeted project support. We are helping organisations manage digital transformation, adopting innovative concepts from Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things, cloud, big data and smart automation.

For example:

Global luxury brand fashion retailer. We implemented a cloud-based S/4 HANA solution which processes and analyses large data volumes in unprecedented detail and in real time, giving insight into customer demand and improving supply chain performance.

Rail vehicle manufacturer. We developed a mobile solution for maintenance, quality, warehousing and manufacturing as part of an overall SAP implementation. Operators and field engineers now have key information to hand, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimise quality and service to the end customer

Global aero-engine manufacturer. In just twelve weeks, we developed a proof of concept for this client’s future operations. Using agile methods, the key business processes were built, significantly increasing the understanding of how standard functionality would meet the company’s unique requirements. The prototype used cloud-based S/4 HANA together with a non-SAP product lifecycle management (PLM) system and manufacturing execution system (MES).