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Connected supply and fulfillment

Orchestrating the end-to-end supply ecosystem.

Data and digital platforms have transformed the traditional go-to-market strategy and created multiple new routes to the consumer for manufacturers. As a result, supply chain is now a strategic differentiator within the consumer experience journey and not simply a cost center.
Supporting the shift needed to compete in this multichannel B2B/B2C world requires a fundamental reinvention of the supply chain as an intelligent, agile and flexible supply network.
Consumer products must deliver flexibility at scale – using data and technology – to create and orchestrate the ecosystem of the future for R&D, production, and supply chain.

We recognize the supply chain as a strategic differentiator.

That’s why we help businesses strengthen their digital maturity, infusing operations with data, analytics, and AI, to enable more adaptability and flexibility within the supply chain.

We work with our clients to create meaningful, timely, relevant insights that will help them discover and understand what is important to their customers – and how to tune their business to align with these needs and preferences.

Our robust supply chain capabilities, coupled with our deep consumer products industry expertise, is vital for organizations that want to access and scale new business models, revenue streams, and monetization strategies.

    Intelligent supply chain solutions for FMCG

    Turning complex supply chains into intelligent ecosystems

    Touchless planning

    We provide a framework to develop and deploy capabilities and processes across the business – for greater speed, accuracy and responsiveness.

    Transforming the digital core

    Will you maximize business value from adopting S/4HANA?

    Digital manufacturing

    Our digital manufacturing services focus on leveraging the power of digital technologies to reshape the manufacturing landscape. 

    Intelligent supply networks

    We give our clients the agility to move quickly and intelligently in a space beyond supply chain.


    We provide the insight-driven journey approach that starts small, demonstrates value in the first weeks, and scales fast.

    People Data Center (PDC)

    In collaboration with Unilever, we bring you the asnwer to changing consumer behavior.