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AI for Customer Products and Retail

The road to becoming an insights-driven business can be long and the path unclear. To help our clients navigate this journey, we have developed Capgemini Retail & CP OutPerform.

This approach is designed to address two distinct problems that we continually see clients encountering – not having enough access to data and insights across their business and/or not being able to move data-driven insights to the heart of decisioning.

An insight-driven approach

Many talk about how important data is to a successful business today. For retail and consumer products companies, having data about how customers interact with your brand is critical. But having data about your customers isn’t enough anymore.

Rapidly changing social media sentiment, consumer trends, and product advertising campaigns are all factors that are integral to how you make decisions about your business.

Capgemini Retail & CP OutPerform can support you making your insight-driven journey across 3 key layers:
  1. Outcomes – Sustainable value through culture, organizational agility and partnerships
  2. Insights – Decision support delivered at the point of need in an actionable way
  3. Data – Secure, compliant, available and reliable data, used as the fuel of the modern organization.

Capgemini Retail & CP OutPerform provides the insight-driven journey approach that starts small, that demonstrates value in the first weeks, and that scales fast.

Defining the purpose

You need smart and actionable insights within your business that lead to meaningful outcomes in order to remain competitive and profitable. It all starts with a defined purpose of what you want to achieve in your business. From purpose, you can align on the desired outcomes important to your business, understand the necessary insights and then access the data you need.

At Capgemini, our retail and consumer product industry teams work with the world’s leading brands to put insights and analytics at the heart of all decision making in their business.

We start with purpose. Capgemini Retail & CP OutPerform is designed to deliver purposeful outcomes within weeks while laying the foundation for sustainable change in your business.

Our approach uses end-customer data across every touchpoint to solve business problems, produce tangible business outcomes and uncover new opportunities. What would potentially take you 12 months previously, now takes us 12 weeks.

From luxury fashion retailers to the world’s largest consumer products brands, we’ve partnered with our clients to put insights and analytics at the heart of all decision making. Whether it’s a client’s marketing, operations, commerce or supply chain functions, we hlp companies activate their ability to understand and anticipate consumer behaviors in markets around the world.

Our outcome-based approach delivers unprecedented insights directly to retailers and consumer products organizations – and is at the heart of a client’s digital transformation.