Stephan Paolini

Expert in People & Performance Strategy

People+Organisation focused, we co-build solutions, grooming from bottom-up strategy, leading to accelerated implementation, experimenting local actions providing room for manoeuver and cooperation development to Managers and Leaders, resulting in fast / efficient changes in complex environments. Time and issues are sequenced / orchestrated to build powerful thrust, resulting in the best accepted change efficiency. Social Performance is now a must, as much as Operational Performance. And the need for a renewed, collective and innovative "Leadership" dynamic, signature and style has become the main priority to successfully transform organisations. How do you address these issues ?

Stephan Paolini

My experience

Senior Vice President - Innovative Strategies & Transformation @ Capgemini Consulting


Senior Partner @ Management Consulting Company

09/18/2002 to 10/22/2008

Partner / Vice President @ Management Consulting Company

09/14/1995 to 09/19/2002

Principal @ Management Consulting Company

11/20/1997 to 11/23/2000

Partner @ Management Consulting Company

11/09/1995 to 11/19/1997