What Matters to the Consumer

2022 consumer behavior tracker for the Consumer Products and Retail industries

Remodeling the future

How energy transition is driving new models in energy and utilities

Conversations for Tomorrow #3

Intelligent Industry: The Next Era of Transformation

Circular Economy for a Sustainable Future

How organizations can empower consumers and transition to a circular economy 

A New Playbook for Chief Marketing Officers

Why CMOs should enable real time marketing to drive sustained growth

Love Your Career

Nina Antipin

CX & Design Lead, Finland

CX, Design, Marketing, Brand, Service Design

+358 50 528 9156

Kirsi Parviainen, Engagement Director, Finland

Hello, I’m Kirsi Parviainen and I am leading the Package Based Solutions Unit at Capgemini Finland. Packaged Based Solutions Unit consists of our SAP consultants and architects as well as our Insights & Data people.

Marjut Kytösalmi

Head of Digital & Application Services Practice, Finland

Customer Experience Development, CRM, eCommerce, Marketing

+358 50 4873778

Pasi Mäkinen

Delivery Architect Director at Capgemini, Finland

Olli Sihvonen

Meet Olli Sihvonen, Expert in SAP

Simone Leggio

Director, Head Of Cloud and DevOps Practice, Application Services, Capgemini Finland