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Seamless Customer Engagement

The way we shop and our expectation of the retail experience has changed forever. Retailers must now respond to this shift by designing seamless and meaningful experiences. Read how clients can benefit from our expertise, thought leadership and proven delivery experience in Customer Engagement Design.

Key challenges

Retail customer behaviour has fundamentally changed, driven by a number of technological, economic and societal changes, which has made improving customer engagement a strategic imperative for many retailers. These challenges range from developing flexible customer strategies, building agility to respond to new channels and maintain consistency across both traditional and digital channels, to expanding at pace capabilities to prove relevant personalization and incentives.

Our solution

Capgemini’s seamless customer engagement offer is about helping our retail clients put their customers at the heart of their business, enabling them to deliver more relevant, seamless and personal interactions to customers, leading to increased loyalty.

Our approach focuses on creating intuitive experiences through omni-channel interactions, seamlessly connected through CRM, which result in relevant and timely customer incentives and rewards. It is the confluence of these three areas of omni-channel, next generation CRM and reinvented customer incentives, underpinned with rich customer data & insight, which allows the creation of experiences which drive:

  • Customer Lifetime Value – Increased value per customer
  • Reach – Improved reach and penetration
  • Affinity – Improved customer retention rate
  • Advocacy – Improved customer satisfaction scores or net promoter score
  • ROMI – Increased return on marketing investment.

We believe in putting the customer at the heart of the retail business and we’re passionate in our commitment to helping our clients achieve this customer centricity by building, embedding and exploiting leading class customer engagement capabilities.

Why Capgemini Invent?

Our delivery experience in Customer Engagement Design spans three high level phases of transformation. Clients can benefit from our expertise, thought leadership and proven delivery experience in:

  • Collaboratively shaping the customer engagement strategy, with digital at its heart
  • Creating a compelling and relevant customer engagement proposition, one that it is anchored in the DNA of your brand and customers, which builds real differentiation and Intellectual Property but is grounded enough by the realities of your operations and IT to be deliverable
  • Identifying and implementing both new and complimentary capabilities, to build customer engagement platform to realise your current and future customer needs and wants.

We have a proven record in successful delivery for a range of retail clients:

  • We worked with a large grocery retailer to define their customer engagement proposition and roadmap, becoming their partner in the implementation of a suite of new capabilities, including CRM solution and loyalty, driving significant uplifts in sales volume
  • We helped a world-renowned furniture retailer develop a global CRM strategy, refine their customer proposition and develop new customer insights. We have helped them to test these capabilities across their markets and unlocking millions in early business value
  • We worked with an international retail group, to define a business case for cross brand loyalty and design and deliver the new capabilities, including CRM solution and loyalty, to realise their customer proposition and business case.