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Inventive Shopping


Inventive Shopping focuses on the crucial question, what kind of retailer do our customers need us to be?

To answer this, we work to reconcile the disruptive landscape of retailing with your customers’ fast changing behaviors, unexpressed needs and future expectations. We understand your customers’ constantly developing preferences, motivations and aspirations on a personal level, also taking into account your commercial and operational parameters. Then we use our insights to create compelling customer propositions, strategies and experiences that help connect your people to your customers, helping you every step along the transformation journey.

Inventive Shopping is our unique vision for clients who need to think inventively in the business of retailing. It examines the fundamental role of retailing in the lives of people, transforming the value propositions and experiences retailers provide, as consumer expectations evolve, and new entrants and technologies disrupt the market.

How we help you define a new role

Inventive Shopping is how we help retailers explore and redefine the fundamentally different role they, as retailers, will be playing in people’s lives. It’s how we help transform propositions and capabilities into what’s next in retailing, enabling customers to shop clever and experience better.

Because, as customer expectations evolve and new entrants and technologies disrupt the market, traditional retailers will need to create new experiential spaces to bring to life their customer strategies and propositions.

001: The Store of Tomorrow Future Sight with Capgemini Invent

Make the six essential shifts in retailing

What does all this mean for you, on the ground in the world of retailing? What are the trends you need to embrace and address?

Inventive Shopping is how we help you unlock customer value, optimise staff potential and build the strategic people and technology capabilities you need to achieve the six essential shifts in retailing:

  1. To create personalized experiences
  2. To launch new channels
  3. To deliver greater choice
  4. To re-evaluate the power and value of data
  5. To empathize with your customers’ values
  6. To redefine and orchestrate new value chains.

New ways to engage, shop and build loyalty through a renewed purpose

Inventive Shopping reflects our perspective on the seismic shifts taking place in retailing. These shifts demand that you define a strategic north star for your customer purpose and promise, and address three connected customer challenges: how to engage, how to shop, and how to build loyalty.

Bespoke shopping solutions

Inventive Shopping is about retailing that thinks, innovates and behaves differently. It is how we enable you to create new ways of shopping, new methods of engagement and new loyalty models by thinking, innovating and behaving in new and thoughtful ways.

Purpose built, Inventive Shopping helps you navigate complex market dynamics and ever-evolving customer behaviours. It offers you comprehensive and unique solutions that incorporate business strategy, consulting and technology, helping you identify real issues, build solutions and deploy them at scale.

Our solutions focus on:

  • Innovaton strategy and proposition
  • Customer experience design
  • Scaling through digital & data

Together, let’s reimagine the business of shopping

Our ambition is to partner with our clients to reimagine the business of shopping, while always engaging and retaining loyal customers, helping you every step of the way on your transformation journey. In this new digital world, Inventive Shopping becomes a powerful engine for growth.


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Be the retailer your customers want you to be

Meet our experts

Steve Hewett

Head of Customer Transformation, frog, Capgemini Invent UK