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Rugby holds a special place in the history of Capgemini. 

Our founder Serge Kampf was passionate about the sport and all that it represented – and indeed, ever since the Group’s creation, rugby has been in our DNA.

The sport has strongly influenced our culture and our values, with particular mention for team spirit and fun. And, with its diverse and continuously growing global fan-base, rugby is fully aligned to Capgemini’s belief in the role that diversity plays in developing innovative solutions, and creating value.

“Rugby is a team sport in which you can’t accomplish anything without the rest of your teammates.”

Serge Kampf, founder of Capgemini

Capgemini and World Rugby

We are the first Worldwide Partner to sponsor both World Rugby (as Digital Transformation Partner and Global Partner of Women in Rugby) and most of its major men’s (Rugby World Cup 2023) and women’s international competitions (Rugby World Cup 2021 played in 2022, and Rugby World Cup 2025), as well as the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series.

We asked our colleagues about the values that Capgemini and rugby have in common – watch the videos to find out what they told us.

Guido catches the rugby ball, and Mélanie is reminding us that it’s all about trust – because at Capgemini, we attack challenges front on while never losing sight of the fun.

Damien is putting the ‘fun’ into fundamentals, and Arnaud is all about the teamwork. They all demonstrate what is at the core of our game – both in rugby and at Capgemini. Keen on exploring which opportunities we have for you? Take a look at our career page.

Jonny Wilkinson is our global ambassador for rugby. Together, we share share many common values and a passion for sustainable practices in sport. We’ll be working together to articulate Capgemini’s vision of enabling the transformation of sport through technology and innovation.

With our three-year partnership announced in September 2021, we join the Worldwide Partners family for Rugby World Cup 2023 and become World Rugby’s Global Digital Transformation partner. Rugby World Cup France 2023 is set to be the major attraction in the sporting calendar that year, bringing the rugby family and new fans together for a celebration of 200 years of the sport. Capgemini will work with France 2023 to enhance the tournament’s unforgettable moments on and off the field.

On March 22, 2022 we announced the expansion of our partnership with World Rugby as Global Partner of the Women in Rugby program, to accelerate the development of the women’s game and women’s leadership throughout the sport.

With this multi-year partnership, Capgemini supports both the men’s and women’s Rugby Sevens competitions, expanding its rugby footprint globally, as the ten annual tournaments that bring together the best players in the world are spread across five continents. Capgemini is the only company to sponsor both the International Federation, and two of World Rugby’s major international competitions: Rugby World Cup 2023 and the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series.

As the Associate Sponsor of the India Rugby 7s teams for women, men, boys and girls, we reinforce our commitment of promoting diversity and inclusion both on and off the field.

Through its deep technology expertise, Capgemini will support the Rugby World Cup 2023 tournament’s management systems and play an instrumental role in the delivery of results including the men’s and women’s World Rugby Rankings. In addition, over the coming three years, Capgemini will work with World Rugby to enhance the digital experience for fans and coaches by applying its market-leading capabilities in data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud.

Our innovations

Momentum tracker

Capgemini’s experts in advanced data analytics worked together with World Rugby to develop a Momentum Tracker, a unique data-driven tool using artificial intelligence (AI) to measure the performance of men's and women's teams at individual tournaments, and their capacity to improve throughout.

    Match predictor

    The Match Predictor, developed by Capgemini, is an interactive app bringing all rugby fans together in a worldwide prediction contest, competing against each other and a Capgemini bot.

      Live digital hub

      Capgemini’s Digital Stats Hub is a unique tool bringing together live and historical data to provide audiences with deep insights, and allowing for a better understanding of the game, and of the tournament.

        Virtual penalty kick

        Developed by Capgemini’s innovation team, this virtual reality game transports fans into a virtual rugby stadium for a penalty kick contest. Their performance is then analyzed and compared to some of the top players in the world.

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