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Google Cloud Next 2024 - Capgemini - Visual Identity

Join us at Google Cloud Next 2024

Booth #840 | April 9-11 | Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas 

Innovation, meet intelligence.

Capgemini is a proud Luminary Sponsor at Google Cloud Next ’24 with an anticipated gathering of over 30,000 visionaries and industry leaders from around the globe.

Google Cloud Next promises unparalleled opportunities for innovation and growth. We have curated an exciting week where you can explore strategies and solutions in Generative AI, Cloud, Data/AI, and Software Engineering to help you with your business needs.

Meet with our Google Cloud industry and product experts and hear from our leading clients as they take to the stage to explore their experiences. Interact with experiential demos showcasing cutting-edge technology in Retail, Telco, and Financial Services, and listen to Google Cloud executives in our Cloud Realities podcasts in our booth.

Business, meet planet. We’ve also partnered with Ecologi to plant 5,000 trees globally. Help us make a difference – join us at our booth to find out more.

Welcome to where connections transform your business. Join the Capgemini experience at Google Cloud Next 2024

Auto Club Group's resilient tech stack journey

Attend our spotlight session with Madhu Nandagiri, Viral Patel from Auto Club Group and Prashant Shastri from Capgemini, to explore Auto Clubs Group's journey from legacy to leading edge with Capgemini and Google Cloud for seamless migration of core insurance apps.


Madhu Nandagiri, VP, Head of Digital & Infrastructure, Auto Club Group
Viral Patel, VP, Chief Enterprise Architect, Auto Club Group
Prashant Shastri, Executive Vice President, Capgemini, Financial Services

Sessions: Stories that inspire

Join our session hosted by Tim Sandkuhler from Capgemini and Samantha McConnell alongside Chirag Gheewala, Cox Communications to explore how Cox Communications enhances sales and service value using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI suite. Uncover use cases improving digital sales, NPS, and reducing contact center costs.

Many organizations have moved to the cloud, but they are not achieving the results they expected. “Why does the process seem so slow? Why am I not reaping the anticipated cost savings? Is modernizing my legacy systems worth the expense?” Join Dave Chapman who will discuss the root causes of these issues and provide you strategies to solve them.

Join our session hosted by Kim Wilson alongside Sanjana Gupta from Capgemini and Frank Farro from Virgin Voyages to explore how the Google Cloud infrastructure built by Capgemini, facilitated the migration of all applications and workloads for Virgin Voyages. This migration led to reduced business costs, lower on-premises infrastructure expenses, and eliminated disbursement costs for multiple cloud providers.

Join Shivakumar Balasubramanian Chief Innovation Officer, Financial Services, Insurance, from Capgemini and Rory Armes, VP, Industry & Global Head of Delivery Studios at Unity to explore how Intelligent Property redefines commercial property insurance, empowering you with actionable insights for informed decision-making and sustainable business growth. This innovation uniquely assesses risks within the property itself, offering a comprehensive understanding of internal elements.

Our Google Cloud Chief Technology & Capability Leader, Geoffroy Pajot will join a session exploring the future of partner delivery with generative AI. Learn how our cutting-edge AI-powered Partner Delivery Companion revolutionizes solution delivery. Gain real-time insights, automate processes, and elevate client experiences. Learn how gen AI empowers your team for faster, more efficient, and customer-centric delivery, and much more.

Mayank Chandra, joins Marcos Grappeggia and Andrew Hockman from Google – where they explore how businesses are bringing artificial intelligence (AI) assistance to development teams to increase their productivity. We’ll take you through the ways you can use Duet AI in your code editor to expedite your application delivery. You’ll also learn how you can now customize Duet AI with your own private codebase, with AI assistance deeply tailored to your organization’s libraries and coding conventions, and how Duet can provide insights to help you understand its effects for your teams.

Public cloud hurdles privacy and control for sensitive data, hindering AI’s potential. Distributed clouds shatter these barriers, enabling secure, decentralized AI analysis that unlocks hidden insights without compromising confidentiality. Data remains yours, control stays yours, and AI’s power becomes yours to unlock.

Wednesday, April 10th, 12:45 – 1:30 PM, Executive Track Session: Leaders Circle Session Google-owned

Explore our immersive demos at Google Cloud Next

Smart Cart

Intelligent retail with the world’s smartest shopping cart. Bringing the benefits of online commerce to the physical retail floor. The computer vision-based clip-on device turns any standard cart into a Smart Shopping Cart, a promotional medium and a data collector.
Highly targeted, right-in-time in-store retail media.


Conversational Commerce Digital Human. Bringing together Soul Machine’s digital human avatar, Google’s Contact Center AI, and Capgemini’s Digital Cloud Platform for retailers to showcase a pre-built and integrated solution across voice-based order taking, loyalty management, product search and recommendations, point of sale and showcase this through a hologram and digital human kiosk.

Inventory Management

Transforming the shopper experience through AI-powered dynamic pricing. Inventory management helps stores maximize profits & reduce food waste with AI-powered pricing that adapts to shoppers’ habits. Its “ideal shopping experience” engine integrates with Casey.

This demo brings together Capgemini’s Digital Cloud Platform and SAP Cortex solutions to showcase the future of inventory management and visibility.

Proactive Home Care

Step into the shoes of a homeowner in our Home360 demo and gain insights to live safer, smarter. Insurers, discover how Home Care connects with members, fostering positive interactions and empowered living.


Intelligent Property with Google Cloud technology creates digital twins of buildings, empowering insurers with real-time risk insights through a mobile scan-to-assess app. Unlock new markets & drive growth with instant calculations & recommendations.


Our AI-powered O-RAN solution with Google Cloud technology optimizes radio network energy use. It analyzes complex scenarios to activate “energy saving mode” in cells based on real-time data.

Live from Booth #840

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge experiences tailored for Financial Services, Retail/Grocery, and Telco industries. Witness how data, cloud, and Generative AI drive tangible business value.

Cloud Realities podcasts

Engage with industry experts to delve into the latest trends and advancements leveraging Google Cloud.

Our Cloud Realities podcasts will broadcast each day at Google Cloud Next – and you can also join us to watch the podcasts being recorded within the booth.

Check out our podcast schedule

Tuesday, April 9

Generative AI innovation

Guest: Erwan Menard, Director (Outbound) Product Management and Customer Activation, Cloud AI

Time: 11:00

Sustainability in the digital economy

Guest: Justin Keeble, Managing Director for Global Sustainability

Time: 1:00

Wednesday, April 10

Insurance evolution with generative AI

Guest: Nigel Walsh, Managing Director, Insurance, Google Cloud

Time: 11:00

The data-driven approach for Supply Chain

Guest: Paula Natoni, Director, Global Strategic Industries, Supply Chain and Logistics, Google Cloud

Time: 12:00

How AI and cloud transform production operations and customer experience

Guest: Fabien Duboeuf, Industry Manager, Manufacturing

Time: 3:00
Thursday, April 11

Accelerating customer experience with generative AI – getting real results today

Guest: Kevin Shatzkamer, Managing Director, Conversational AI

Time: 10:00

Software engineering for generative AI

Guest: Miku Jha, Director, AI/ML Partner Engineering, Google Cloud

Time: 11:00

You can also check out our previously recorded podcast episodes:

Next ’24, Meet Casey: Welcome to the next generation of caffeinated bliss

Visit us on level 2 in the Activation Zone to treat yourself for a cup of coffee or a Capgemini-themed bakery delight.

Explore our Next Gen Offers powered by Google Cloud

    Data estate modernization on Google Cloud

    Capgemini Financial Services and Google Cloud Platform help turn your data estate into a future-proof foundation to grow your business.

    CornerShop by Capgemini with Google Cloud

    Capgemini and Google Cloud Platform: The store experience of tomorrow, today.

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      Together, Capgemini and Google Cloud help organizations adapt to the changing world, innovate for future growth, navigate economic changes and​ reinvent their business models​.

      It is a powerful technology that can be used to create new content, improve customer service, automate tasks, and generate new ideas.

      Prepare to be surprised by the collective power of human intelligence and Custom Generative AI for Enterprise.

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      Meet our experts

      Herschel Parikh

      Global Google Cloud Partner Executive
      Herschel is Capgemini’s Global Google Cloud Partner Executive. He has over 12 years’ experience in partner management, sales strategy & operations, and business transformation consulting.

      Dana Schmidt

      Associate Vice President – Google Cloud Partner Executive for the Americas
      I have been with Capgemini for 10+ years, with the first four spent as a Human Resources Manager, and the last 6 spent working in cloud and partnerships.  Local to Denver, CO I enjoy hiking and skiing with my husband and our two rambunctious boys. 

      Steve Jones

      Expert in Big Data and Analytics
      ‘Steve is the founder of Capgemini’s businesses in Cloud, SaaS, and Big Data, a published author in journals such as the Financial Times and IEEE Software. He is also the original creator of the first unified architecture for Big Fast Managed data, the Business Data Lake. He works with clients on delivering large-scale data solutions and the secure adoption of AI, he is the Capgemini lead for Collaborate Data Ecosystems and Trusted AI.

      Arindam Choudhury

      Vice President, Banking & Capital Markets Head, Financial Services Insights & Data

      Michael Hansen

      Director Partner Sales | Google Cloud
      Michael has now been working in the IT industry for more than 30 years in various positions, always with customer contact. Through his personal career, he is very close to the financial services, automotive and semiconductor industries. With his expertise, he motivates our clients to overcome technical challenges and tackle business problems with effective solutions that pay off from the start. Michael joined Capgemini in 2018, and since that year he has been orchestrating our joint offering with Google, helping to develop technical solutions that meet clients’ real business needs. He oversees our Google partnership for the German region and our clients that are headquartered in Germany and operate globally.

      Kumar Chinnakali

      Managing Delivery Architect, Google Cloud
      From Newbury Park, Los Angeles, Kumar is a developer, designer, and architect for massive Telco & Technology customer managing their migration project to multi-cloud environments with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Passionate about sustainability, Kumar mentors, advocates for sustainability in the OCEAN Employee Resource Group, Volunteer for Green Software Foundation of Los Angeles Hub and leads NA I&D Amazing Architects Initiatives Currently pursuing a professional environmental & energy sustainability course with MIT. Proudly hailing from Rasipuram Puduppatti, Tamil Nadu, India.

      Angelo Mosca

      Principal Consultant, Deputy Head of Southern & Central Europe Google Cloud CoE
      A senior cloud advisor with more than 10 years of cross-industry experience with focus on enterprise architecture and cloud strategy definition. In the last 2 years Angelo, as part of the Southern and Central Europe Cloud CoE team, has been committed to advice customers on business transformation through cloud adoption, other than to drive the overall business development on Google Cloud technology in the whole region.

      Tangi Le Noc

      Global Alliance Lead

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