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GSMA IoT Security Asessment

Promoting best practices for the secure design, development and deployment of IoT devices and services, and providing a mechanism to evaluate security measures, the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines and IoT Security Assessment help create a secure IoT market with trusted, reliable devices and services that can scale as the market grows.

Capgemini is recognized by the GSMA to offer the GSMA IoT Security Assessment as a service.  In order to create a secure market, companies have to take responsibility to embed security from the beginning and at every stage of the IoT value chain.

Capgemini provides guidance and expertise to help companies with the challenge of securing the complete IoT environment.

The GSMA IoT Security Guidelines:

  • Include 85 detailed recommendations for the secure design, development and deployment of IoT services
  • Cover networks as well as service and endpoint ecosystems
  • Address security challenges, attack models and risk assessments
  • Provide several worked examples

The GSMA IoT Security Assessment:

  • Is based on a structured approach and concise security controls
  • Covers the whole ecosystem
  • Can fit into a supply chain model
  • Provides a flexible framework that addresses the diversity of the IoT market