Cloud with AWS – Reach Your Digital Reality

Reach Your Digital Reality, with a Cloud-First Core

Capgemini is focused on expanding our cloud capabilities with AWS across all sectors in order to help customers get ahead and stay ahead. We provide the fuel to harness the kind of digital transformation that will increase your business agility, re-invent your business models and improve operational efficiency.

The Age of Disruption

Cloud has, and is continuing to fundamentally change the economic landscape for enterprises. Keeping the competitive edge is no longer only about products – it has become a battle of IT. In fact, Capgemini found that cloud leaders are building more than 20% of their applications in the cloud, driven by the need to improve velocity, collaboration, and customer experience. Conveniently, AWS is one of the dominating name in the cloud market in terms of revenue, maturity and enterprise readiness. They are the “safe choice” in the market, appealing to customers that desire the broadest range of capabilities and long-term market leadership.

A Lasting Relationship

Capgemini has been partnering with AWS for more than 7 years, and have achieved several benchmarks since then. Capgemini holds more than 700 AWS certifications including both associate and professional level certifications, and plans to add 5,400 more. For more information, visit our AWS partner page.

Why customers should move to the cloud - Three things cloud can do for your customers

Make your business more agile

  • Make IT invisible - Don’t spend time worrying about infrastructure. Shift to a cloud-first core and focus on the business.
  • Rationalize the applications - Modernize and streamline new and existing applications seamlessly with Capgemini.
  • Born in the cloud - Be free from the constraints of legacy IT.

Create operational efficiency

  • Become serverless - Get the power to have your customers' infrastructure automatically scale up and down to build and deliver apps at the pace of the business.
  • Scale up performance - Harness the flexibility of a platform that allows your customers to dynamically manage workloads and functionality for faster end-user processing.
  • Automate the core - Build a strong engine at the core of the business to intelligently automate mundane business processes.

Reinvent the business model

  • Embrace a cloud model - Build cloud into the core of the business, freeing your customers from the constraints of legacy IT.
  • Build intelligent applications - Use AWS APIs to give the developers easy access to innovation.
  • Innovate with emerging technologies - Blockchain, serverless.

Build Your Cloud Core

Cloud is disrupting business models and accelerating the pace of innovation. Build cloud agility at the core of your business with Capgemini’s cloud solutions, expertise, and world-class partner ecosystem.

Capgemini Cloud Platform

Capgemini Cloud Platform

Elevate your cloud strategy!

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