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Capgemini signs long-term agreement with TenneT to accelerate its cloud transformation journey

The strategic transformation will support TenneT's rapid growth and increasing complexity fueled by the energy transition

27 Feb 2024

Paris, February 27, 2024 – Capgemini Group today announced the signing of a 12-year agreement with TenneT, a leading European transmission system operator in the Netherlands and Germany, to design, build, and implement a cloud platform that will enable TenneT to work more effectively across a wider ecosystem of partners. This platform will also provide the organization with more accurate insights and improved flexibility to manage the increasing volume of consumer, operational and financial data. As part of the agreement that is valued at more than €100 million, Capgemini will also enable faster adoption of emerging technologies by driving end-to-end migration from on-premises data centers to the cloud, providing a compliant and highly secure, fully managed cloud-based infrastructure for TenneT.

TenneT has over 23,500 kilometers of high-voltage connections impacting 42 million end-users in the Netherlands and parts of Germany. During the 12-year period, Capgemini will expand TenneT’s awareness and expertise of cloud technology, providing training and coaching to help accelerate adoption. This will be complemented by technology strategy advisory and consulting services that aim to support seamless business transformation.

Mario Suykerbuyk, Chief Information Officer at TenneT said, “We are growing very fast and our systems are expanding massively. We needed a future-proof, integrated, flexible, secure and scalable cloud foundation that will leverage operational automation, orchestration and standardization. We are confident that by working hand-in-hand with Capgemini we will take the next important step in TenneT’s transformation journey and Capgemini will help us to meet the demands of the energy transition.”

The long-term partnership will leverage best-in-class expertise from across the Capgemini Group, including Sogeti[1]. It will include the formation of a cloud office where the leadership team will collaborate to define strategies for cloud migration of the respective business applications, setting up financial operations that enable continuous cost optimization and enhancement of integral service management. It will also include overseeing the transition of the business IT landscape, the running and optimization of the cloud operations and coordination of additional services to enable transformation and change management.

Joost Ramaekers, Head of Sogeti, part of Capgemini, in the Netherlands said, “The utilities sector is experiencing a significant transformation with energy transitioning from being a mere commodity to a comprehensive service, one that underpins and enhances all facets of our existence. It is therefore crucial for utility firms to construct ecosystems that not only empower consumers and businesses but also facilitate their active engagement in a dynamic energy landscape, encompassing a variety of solutions, products and providers. We are honored to collaborate with TenneT, as its trusted partner, to bolster their capacity as a premier high voltage grid operator. This will further cement their position as a key player in the energy ecosystem and enhance the flexibility, security and reliability of their services.”

[1] Part of the Capgemini Group, Sogeti makes business value through technology for organizations that need to implement innovation at speed and want a local partner with global scale. With a hands-on culture and close proximity to its clients, Sogeti implements solutions that will help organizations work faster, better, and smarter. By combining its agility and speed of implementation through a DevOps approach, Sogeti delivers innovative solutions in Quality Engineering, cloud and application development, all driven by AI, data and automation.