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Finally – a map for net zero

The Industry net-zero accelerator initiative

The destination is clear, but the path is winding – organizations need to reach net zero to achieve a neutral impact on the environment. But how exactly can this be done?

In this episode of Future Sight, our expert guests from Siemens and Capgemini come together to uncover the best way forward with Industry Net Zero Accelerator initiative – a joint effort between Siemens, Capgemini, Rockwell Automation, Cambridge University, and the World Economic Forum. This conversation covers:

  • The four-step “No-Excuse” framework and its potential to change production practices worldwide
  • Systemic collaboration and how it’s achieved
  • Unexpected challenges and opportunities in our collective path toward net zero
  • The changing role of digital and data
  • The Estainium Association and their role in creating value chain transparency

Tune in now to be a part of this insightful conversation on how we can work together toward a net zero future. Don’t miss out!

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Our speakers

Gunter Beitinger

SVP Manufacturing & Head of Product Carbon Footprint / SiGREEN, Siemens
Gunter Beitinger is the Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, including various Digital Lighthouse plants, and Head of Factory Digitalization and Product Carbon Footprint/SiGREEN. He is also member of the Advisory Council of Advanced Manufacturing of the World Economic Forum and CIRP, the International Academy for Production Engineering.

Pierre Bagnon

Executive Vice President, Global Head of Intelligent Industry Accelerator
Pierre is Executive Vice President at Capgemini, heading Intelligent Industry for the group. He focuses on digital and sustainable transformation, entailing intelligent operations, intelligent product and services and digital continuity, with a particular focus in the Manufacturing and Automotive sectors. With more than 10 years of experience in advanced manufacturing, Pierre is a global subject matter expert for Smart factory.

Liz Lugnier

Analyst Relations Director: Sustainability, Innovation, Customer Experience, Consulting, Consumer Products and Retail, Automotive, Europe
Liz is the host of the Future Sight podcast. She has experience in a multitude of industries, including innovation, customer experience, consulting, sustainability, retail and consumer products, automotive, and the public sector.