Cards and Payments

Together with rising demand for real-time, accessible, and digital-first payments experiences, payments firms are subject to data privacy regulations, technological advances, and growing e-commerce. 

Whether it’s a business opportunity or for regulatory compliance reasons, payments modernization is crucial for growth.

We help you solidify your competitive position through next-generation payments solutions across your customer segments, while maximizing your ROI. We are enabling financial institutions with services ranging from payments strategy, differentiation, and monetization, to partnering with FinTechs – and from payments hub transformation, ISO compliance, and real-time payments enablement, to open banking. 
We have over three decades of experience in the cards and payments sector. And with over 5,000 payments experts globally, we have the expertise and partnerships to help you create game-changing payments ecosystems. 

    Payments Top Trends 2024

    Anticipate continued payments industry transformation in 2024, with frontrunners streamlining processes and leveraging DeFi and AI.

    World Payments Report 2023

    Where is the cash? Accelerate corporate cash management transformation to build value

    Why cash management dominates Capgemini’s World Payments Report

    Finextra sits down with Capgemini’s Jeroen Hölscher, global head of payment services.

    Paving the way for global use of CBDCs and tokenized assets

    Interlinking CBDCs for seamless cross-border payments

      What we do

      Our integrated Connected Payments offering helps banks transform their payments capabilities, enabling payments industry leadership through new capabilities, efficiencies, and flexibility.

      Addressing the changing and ever more competitive landscape requires significant energy and investment. We help clients:

      • Baseline the current state assessment and co-create / develop an integrated implementation roadmap
      • Deploy a range of transformational levers such as ecosystem integration, data and analytics implementation, cloud adoption, platform replacement, bespoke builds, test and migration factories, and business operations, at scale and sequence as needed
      • Maximize results by reinvesting savings and refocusing on value-added services (not just compliance spend)
      • Continuously track and report top- and bottom-line value to drive payments as a business and not a cost center

      Connected Payments helps financial institutions achieve technology future-proofing, implement additional value-added services, lower costs via optimization and productivity improvement, and more.

      Open Banking provides opportunities to digitally transform, drive innovation, create a partner ecosystem, and unleash new revenue streams, while driving compliance.

      Our business, in-house technical frameworks and API-based value creation capabilities provide an end-to-end solution that combines all the necessary elements to leverage an open ecosystem through standardized APIs. We help clients:

      • Unlock new revenue streams by identifying and prioritizing the correct API monetization opportunities
      • Manage APIs by leveraging prebuilt APIs for open banking including lifecycle management, monitoring, traffic management, and analytics
      • Be compliant by keeping customer data secure and protecting banks from legal and liability issues
      • Accelerate time to market through a modern, scalable, and resilient API platform
      • Tap into future innovation by engaging with a diverse ecosystem of partners
      • Experiment before launch by providing an API sandbox.
      The payments world is moving to the ISO20022 standard based on its proven ability to improve operational efficiency, harmonize data, automate reconciliation, enable robust risk and compliance controls, and develop value-added services.

      Adopting the standard will impact the entire payments landscape, from channels and integration layers to payments engines. Capgemini, with its rich experience in handling ISO20022 transformation journeys, follows a 360-degree approach that includes:

      • Analyzing business, technology, and client impacts
      • Developing a complete ISO20022 roadmap, including overall migration, program scope, and business case
      • Helping clients to move from tactical phases to complete adoption, including changing data models and downstream systems.
      Enable your corporate customers to embrace real-time cash management via seamless, connected tools across the spectrum of cash and liquidity management services.

      Extract increased value and achieve new synergies through APIs, FinTech partnerships, data standardization, cutting-edge virtual account solutions, and real-time transactions using new and more effective cash management capabilities.

      Through our payments orchestration cloud platform, we can:

      • Enable banks to unlock the full potential of real-time cross-border money movement and real-time cash forecasting for their corporate clients.
      • Enable corporate treasurers, large retailers, and insurers to have a simplified and seamless integration between their ERP/treasury/payments factory and their banking partners.

      In addition, through our strategic partnerships and pre-vetted integration with market-leading cash and liquidity management, virtual accounts, and foreign exchange platform vendors, we enable transaction banking business lines to:

      • Focus on fine-tuning and improving their market propositions
      • Increase greatly time-to-market efficiencies and generate quick wins.
      Unlock the potential of cards platforms to gain efficiencies, increase market agility, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

      With over three decades of experience in card transformation, we help clients:

      • Transform cards issuance platform
      • Implement and/or upgrade new card issuance platforms
      • Migrate cards portfolio
      • Assess and evaluate leading cards processing products
      • Comply effectively with regulations
      • Develop and manage applications
      • Implement network schemes, along with mandates from time to time.
      We provide an end-to-end suite of services across the merchant-acquiring business and mapped technology value chain.

      Our services can assist clients to:

      • Venture into new geographies and markets as well as forge new partnerships: we provide consulting, strategy, and roadmap development services
      • Gain understanding of the global payments business, products, and technology trends
      • Build innovative merchant solutions for acquirers, retailers, networks, and payments services providers.

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      Meet our experts

      Jeroen Holscher

      Expert in Banking, Cash management, Payments

      Christophe Vergne

      Expert in Cards and Payments

      Ravi Vikram

      Senior Director, Cards and Payments

      Venugopal PSV

      Senior Director, Cards and Payments practice

      Sriram Kannan

      APAC Head – Cards & Payments Solutions

      Michel Vaja

      Europe GtM Cards & Payments


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