Executive value network for water and waste water

Leverage water innovations and thrive in the new digital economy

The Executive Value Network (EVN) is an international knowledge sharing oriented forum for those interested in digital transformation use cases of Water and Waste Water companies. October 2021, Capgemini and SAP hosted the third edition of this exceptional event, bringing together leading companies for a two-day programme full of innovative topics, open discussion and mutual learning. If you are eager to explore how to move away from the inefficient traditional processes while embracing new relevant technologies you should consider to join and get valuable insights from peers.

Why you should join the Executive Value Network


Appreciate why digital transformation is necessary, gain insight into emerging digital business models in the water industry and beyond.


Join an executive community that extends beyond the conference, gaining knowledge from your peers and other market players, partners and vendors.


Focus on what is the state of the water industry today, with inspiring take away for the future. Learn from, collaborate with and influence leaders of digital innovations.

Want to join next year’s edition of the Executive Value Network (EVN)? Interested to know how your organization can benefit from the latest innovations in technology? Please send a message to filip.travers@capgemini.com