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Becoming the #1 Data, Analytics and AI Player in Scandinavia

We help our customers manage the transition to a more digitalized everyday life, so that they can make better and faster decisions when using data. Capgemini has a dedicated unit – Insights & Data - that comprehensively covers analytics, insights and visualization. We have a global network of 17,500 consultants (150 in Norway) working in the Data & Analytics domain. We cover all aspects of the journey, from Data Acquisition to Insights to Ideas to Action.

About us

Insights & Data is Capgemini’s division for data and insight solutions.

We are a mix of experts in advisory, architecture and development, and analytics on digitalization and information solutions.

Insights & Data is a golbal unit in Capgemini providing more than 14 000 consultants to insights & data related work across the world. In Norway we are one of the strongest and largest environments within Big Data, Data Lake, Internet of Things (IoT), Core BI and Data Science including Machine Learning.

Capgemini is a market leader in the insighsts sphere in Norway with more than 150 consultants working with Insights & Data projects for our norwegian clients.

In the Nordics we are close to 1 000 consultants working on insights and data projects with clients in sectors like public, banking and insurance, retail and oil and gas.

In Norway we are specialists in areas covering topics from Data, Dataplatform, reporting, analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and architecture. Capgemini is committet to establishing solutions that supports the most advanced needs for insights, including the need for robust and transformable architecture which meet the technological demands of tomorrow.

Insights & Data consists of leading experts with business and sector competences. We deliver solutions and platforms inn all sectors, and our customers includes everything from large, global companys to smaller public agencies.

In Capgemini Insight & Data we use our expert competences within Data Engineering, information governance, data science og business analysis to optimize value.

Community of Practice – CoP

CoP is the name of the professional learning groups in Capgemini. The overall purpose of a Community is to share and learn within an open and including zone consisting of people with a common set of interests. Furthermore, the Communities must support the overall ambition and strategy of Capgemini. An essential part of any Community are Events. A Community without Events, is no Community!

Insights & Data Norway have established five CoP’s with different focus areas – Data Management, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Reporting & Vizualisation, Data Platforms and Architecture. Among these, you find CoPs that focus on areas that cover everything from programming languages to consulting skills; Java Frontend, Data Science & AI and Engagement management are just a few examples.

Five Community of Practice

Data Management

Data Management helps organizations define and implement processes and tools for collecting,...

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Data Science & AI is a multidisciplinary field of expertise where business, technology,...

Reporting & Visualization

By bringing people with passion for business insights, storytelling or data (or all of them!)...

Data Platforms

We are specialists in modern data platforms who help clients to manage large amounts of data,...


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