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Get the data-powered advantage

Becoming a data-powered organization requires a strong data foundation – one that unites the enterprise and unlocks timely, accurate, and relevant insights – to drive real outcomes.

In the digital world, data makes the difference between success and stagnation. Data-powered organizations are 22% more profitable, and have twice the market capitalization rate, as their data-lagging counterparts. But becoming a data-powered organization is an enterprise-wide challenge that must be embraced by all parts of the business.

Capgemini helps organizations build their data foundation, enhancing, expanding, and advancing their existing data capabilities with powerful accelerators, frameworks, methodologies, and best practices gathered from decades of experience by our market-leading Insights & Data team.

Becoming a data-powered organization requires imagination. Our team of data engineers helps your organization envision and execute the data foundation that will help your business get the future you want.

    Custom Generative AI for Enterprise

    Prepare to be surprised by the collective power of human intelligence and our Custom Generative AI for Enterprise offer.

    890 by Capgemini

    Data-powered decisions, delivered with confidence.

    IDEA by Capgemini

    The key to your data-powered organization.

      What we do

      Embrace the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) by transforming the way you are doing business, engaging with your clients and employees, and building a better society.

      Our data and AI strategy helps companies address the most critical requirements to fully utilize data, analytics, and AI for competitive advantage, market impact, and business results.

      Our offer focuses on four key areas to help clients craft a comprehensive, multifaceted data strategy, establish a scalable and sustainable data foundation, and ensure that their data, analytics, and AI fabric is agile, durable, and secure:

      1. Data and AI mobilization
      2. Data-powered innovation
      3. AI and analytics scaling
      4. Data and AI academy

      There’s no intelligence without data, at scale. These foundation services create modern data and AI platforms to deliver trusted AI solutions in production and at scale.

      Master Data Management (MDM)

      Our Master Data Management services provide the frameworks, accelerators and solutions you need to create a centralized information hub that avoids typical point-to-point integration of different applications. 

      MDM is a cloud-based solution powered by machine learning and AI. We help you harmonize the scattered and inconsistent master data gathered from all your internal data assets into a ‘single version of the truth – bringing a clear, consistent understanding of the data across your entire organization. 

      Data Estate & BI Modernization

      With the support of people, processes, and technology, our Data Estate and BI Modernization approach helps organizations transform their relationship with data.

      In a world where continuous, rapid change is the norm, where hybrid multi-cloud context is mainstream, we create with you an industrialized and secure data estate, and the data fabric, that supports the level of business innovation you need to remain a market leader.

      Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration (IDEA)

      Industrialized Data & AI Engineering Acceleration (IDEA) from Capgemini helps organizations turn their data sprawl into a valuable strategic asset.

      It’s time to rethink AI and analytics: from proof of concept to source of value. A functional asset to foundational capability. An experiment to an enabler.

      The true value of AI and Analytics cannot be realized from individual proofs of concept, but their at-scale deployment across business functions, units, and geographies.

      As an end-to-end transformation partner, we work with clients to develop the methodology, framework, and environment to enable large-scale, production-grade intervention and deploy AI and Analytics at scale.

      Our robust service offering and underlying business transformation capabilities address every aspect of the AI agenda – from laying a strong data foundation, to selecting the right tools, technology platforms, and agile practices, to establishing balanced operating models and ethical AI algorithms, to cultivating rich talent and partner pools.

      890 by Capgemini

      Data holds infinite possibilities – now is the time to activate its full potential. 890 by Capgemini is available on any cloud, and with a single interface, it puts you at the helm of your data. Data-powered decisions, delivered with confidence.

      The key is finding the data that’s right for you, easily and quickly. By combining an extensive ecosystem of industry-specific, open, and exclusive sources with your own data, we can help you create specific insights that allow you to make key decisions with confidence. Trusted, robust, and curated to your needs, 890 by Capgemini helps clients take their business forward with confidence.

      Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)
      Leverage MLOps to improve quality and robustness, shorten deployment times, and unlock the benefit of sustainable and scalable AI models.

      Organizations need strong support for scaling and industrializing AI/ML models. Capgemini provides a proven framework to stabilize, standardize, and optimize the entire AI/ML journey across popular cloud services, as well as on-premises setups.

      Our MLOps framework, built on the key principles of DataOps and DevOps, offers clients access to reusable templates and pipelines to enable a model ecosystem, a mix of cloud native services and third party/open-source stack for added flexibility, customized model approval workflows for enhanced governance, and extensive plugins to enhance model monitoring.

      Federated learning
      Federated learning provides organizations with a decentralized model training capability. With our cutting-edge approach, models are trained locally and securely, aggregated centrally, and deployed back on edge – all without moving data outside its boundary.

      AI and ML-driven business decisioning provides enormous value to the organization. However, challenges around data security and privacy, as well as the scalability of the platform, are major obstacles to widespread AI/ML adoption.

      Federated learning, along with EDGE AI enablement, helps organizations overcome these challenges. Capgemini’s state-of-the-art Simulation Lab for Federated Learning & Edge Intelligence allows customers to leverage best-in-class FL frameworks to validate thinking and identify optimal use cases as they begin or continue their FL journey.

      Intelligent process automation leverages a unique and differentiating approach that encompasses an end-to-end perspective from ideation to production.

      This enables you to seek guidance on starting an automation journey, scale up operations, enjoy sustainable automation benefits, and pursue capability growth and innovation that benefits from our world-class capability, and vertical and horizontal process experience.

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      Expert perspectives

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      Meet our experts

      Hans Kristiansen

      Managing Solution Architect – Insights and Data, Capgemini
      Hans is a highly experienced consultant with 25 years of experience delivering business intelligence solutions using the Microsoft technology stack. He excels at connecting business stakeholders and IT. As the advisor, project manager, architect, or performing consultant, Hans is genuinely committed to creating value for customers through innovative solutions. He helps customers make faster decisions with more confidence by creating a data-driven culture that enables people to quickly move from insights to action. Hans keeps projects focused on the secure delivery of insights within the flow of work to guide people to do their best work and deliver better outcomes.

      Marius Nilsen

      Solution Architect & Head of Capgemini Data Mesh community
      Kjetil Eritzland is a data and solutions architect in Capgemini’s Insights & Data organization. Kjetil has been in the field of data management for more than 25 years and has extensive experience from large projects and various industries across Europe. He is passionate about innovating around data, enjoys working to bring data management closer to the business, and is promoting best data management practices also in his spare time as a board member in DAMA.

      Vegard Hoff Walmsness

      Managing Cloud Architect
      With a cloud-native approach to technology, I help clients to modernize the IT landscape and best support the business needs.

      Fredrikke Hollænder

      Data Adoption Community of Practice Lead
      Fredrikke Sogn Hollænder is the leader of the Data Adoption (DA) Community of Practice in Insights & Data Norway. Data adoption is the continuous process enabling effective utilization of data to drive business value through insights-driven actions. The Data Adoption community’s vision is to build competence and scale up experience sharing of topics related to Data Adoption. We want to help colleagues and customers to build a bridge between business and data by providing best practices & people-centric methodology to accelerate adoption – through interesting events, workshops, discussions, experience sharing and useful professional material.

      Robert Engels

      Global CTIO and Head of Lab for AI Futures and Insights & Data
      Robert is an innovation lead and a thought leader in several sectors and regions, with a basis in his role of Chief Technology Officer for Northern and Central Europe in our Insights & Data Global Business Line. Based in Norway, he is a known lecturer, public speaker, and panel moderator. Robert holds a PhD in artificial intelligence from the Technical University in Karlsruhe, Germany.

      Kjetil Eritzland

      Principal Solutions Architect, Insights & Data
      Kjetil Eritzland is a data and solutions architect in Capgemini’s Insights & Data organization. Kjetil has been in the field of data management for more than 25 years and has extensive experience from large projects and various industries across Europe. He is passionate about innovating around data, enjoys working to bring data management closer to the business, and is promoting best data management practices also in his spare time as a board member in DAMA.

      Martin Lam

      Head of Technology, Principal Solutions Architect, Capgemini Insights and data, Norway
      Martin has long experience in Business Intelligence, Data warehousing, Data platform and Analytics. He has competence in many areas from architecture, data modelling to design of solutions for business insights, balanced scorecards, advanced analytics, AI and reporting. He has worked with many database technologies, ETL tools, reporting tools and Cloud platforms Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Snowflake.

      Rune Ødegård

      Principal Solution Architect
      Rune Ødegård is a Senior technology- and business consultant with more than 22 years’ experience at leading companies. Driven, innovative and pragmatic problem-solver. Strong communication, collaboration and team leader skills across disciplines. Extensive interaction with decision-makers. Rune has participated in and/or managed 30-40 long-term projects. In depth competence within most key IT areas. Thrives performing in the intersection of technology and management.