Digital-native, new-age lenders have raised borrower expectations. Unburdened by legacy technologies, they can provide superior, innovative customer propositions at speed. And traditional lenders are finding it a challenge to keep up.

To compete with the evolving macroeconomic environment, retail and commercial lending firms need to reinvent their lending business models. We help you build a seamless lending experience for your customers, from onboarding to servicing, by creating agile and scalable digital operations. We ensure you’ll get the most out of your data, with powerful insights that enable you to manage risk effectively and create tailored solutions for your customers.

What we do

Automate your document processing to provide a frictionless, real-time lending experience to your customers.

Processing loan documents, often done manually, can be costly and time-consuming for lenders.

Capgemini’s Cognitive Document Processing is a fully managed solution that ingests, classifies, and evaluates documents rapidly, securely, and at a reduced cost. It is powered by industry-leading algorithms coupled with machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance credit underwriting, customer onboarding, and servicing.

We enable personalized credit journeys for your customers, via next-generation loan origination and servicing platforms.

Disparate operating models, manual processes, data rekeying and fragmented technology make it hard to deliver a seamless lending experience to commercial customers. What’s more, the absence of a single customer view increases operational risk and makes it difficult to manage risk portfolios.

We help you build digital solutions, customized credit workflows, enterprise content management, and instant reporting capabilities that span business lines.

Our services include loan origination value discovery, and loan origination platform implementation with nCINO.

We help financial institutions rethink their retail, mortgage and corporate processes to ensure an engaging, relevant, and personalized lending experience.

With Capgemini and Pega’s lending solution, financial organizations can transform their loan origination process across retail, corporate, and mortgage segments. With an omnichannel customer experience platform, and Pega’s dynamic case management with a credit decision hub at its core, firms can safeguard the financial wellbeing of their customers while delivering a consistent and seamless experience across all channels. 

Our services include:

• Lending origination transformation roadmap and prioritization assessment
• Redesign of complex business rules
• Process orchestration
• Harmonization of business processes and rules across multiple entities
• Renewal of legacy capabilities through APIs and business services
• Workflow orchestration.

Meet our experts

Liv Fiksdahl

Vice President, Banking & Insurance
Liv has more then 30 years of experience from the Banking industry. She has had executive roles, and has experience from the whole valuechain within the sector. As an expert she cover both, retail, corporate and the payments area. She has a strong track record when it comes to doing IT turnarounds, setting up new organisations and running large tranformation programs.

Cecilie Vatn

Director, Banking & Insurance, Digital transformation & Solutions, Customer experience
Cecilie has 14 years of experience in the banking and Insurance sector where she has worked in the intersection between business and technology. Her key competences can be summarized by Insurance, customer experiance, digital optimization, governance, process optimization and change management.

Espen Stokke

Director, Banking & Insurance, Retail banking
Espen has 18 years of experience from the banking industry, both from various positions in Norway’s largest bank and as management consultant. His main areas of expertise are digital transformation/IT implementation projects, retail banking, customer experience, and payments

Christina Heskestad Pedersen

Director, Banking & Insurance, Compliance and AML Specialist
Christina has more than 16 years experience from the Banking sector. She has a special interest and expertice within Compliance, AML and anti-fraud-solutions, from overall strategic framework and governance – to operational optimization of routines and processes.


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