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Intelligent products and services

New value creation is emerging from smart products and service innovation across every industry. It is forcing companies to change the way they define, make, distribute, and support products.

As a leader in sustainable breakthrough innovation we work with clients to co-create next generation products, services and business models that delight customers and disrupt markets.

Making the leap towards more intelligent products and services requires companies to transform and innovate by fusing strategy, design, technology, engineering, data science, and operational excellence.

From idea to implementation, we can kick start value realization and mature existing solutions for scale, at any stage of your connected transformation journey.

Intelligent products and services dynamically interact together and with their environment to create more powerful experiences and valuable offerings.
They are a key to the intelligent industry transformation of all industries.

Nicolas Rousseau – Intelligent Products and Services Offer Leader, EVP

What we do

As products become increasingly connected, companies need to shift to intelligent ecosystems that prioritize ongoing customer relationships and where the physical device is only one of the delivery components. This requires rethinking the way they define, develop, manufacture, distribute, and support products.

Intelligent services are continuing to evolve with more personalized functionalities and data-driven value. As connected devices move further away from traditional products, support and service departments are transforming from cost centers into revenue-generators – and shaping the customer experience.

We help create a digital ecosystem focused on software products. We help you accelerate your digital roadmap so that you can deliver value to your end customers. Leveraging a tailored, multifaceted approach, we help you build innovative, competitive digital products at speed and scale to ensure your digital transformation evolves not just to keep pace with the changing world – but to get ahead.

Advanced connectivity is at the heart of connected experiences and integral to all intelligent processes. We bring together a host of solution from strategy through execution to support you in your digital transformation journey. With our ready-to-go blueprints, software frameworks, micro-services library and 5G Labs we can innovate and deliver at pace.

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