Smart mobility

OEMs have to keep up with rising consumer expectations by offering people real-time interaction not just with their cars, but also with the wider hyperconnected ecosystem. Creativity and the capacity to use the latest technologies in the right ways will be vital to adapting – and then thriving.

The future smart mobility ecosystem will consist of new, innovative digital and physical channels that anticipate, meet and exceed consumer expectations. People may be searching for a car, digital product, purchase, or service – but OEMs need to address that journey holistically.

We can help OEMs maintain their competitive advantage in automotive sales by ensuring they have the right technologies to offer a superior customer experience, personalized sales, and effortless aftersales.

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Data as the new sunshine

Dr. Rainer Mehl
Jun 22, 2022

A car isn’t a smartphone on wheels – yet

Dr. Marc Cäsar
Aug 5, 2021

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Per Holmblad

Vice President | Automotive & Manufacturing at Capgemini Invent Sweden-Finland | Sustainability Leader at Capgemini Invent Nordics
Per has 25 years of experience across the value chains of the automotive and manufacturing industries. His experience span strategy and business model impact on sustainability, decarbonization and climate action initiatives. Per leads the sustainability capability for Invent in the Nordics.