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Competition Laws Policy

Capgemini is committed to conduct its business in a way guided by the principles of fair and open competition and in full adherence to the applicable competition laws. Complying with such legislation leads to better business and builds trust of our clients and the general public. It also prevents financial and reputational damages to Capgemini.  

Hence Capgemini has adopted a Group Competition Laws Policy which is binding for all Capgemini employees. It details the honest competition principles applicable in relations with all relevant stakeholders: employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, shareholders, partners, as well as the society as a whole. 

The Group Competition Laws Policy also provides a comprehensive overview of unacceptable or problematic practices, including concrete scenarios likely to be encountered in our business, as well as the principles to be followed. It also provides practical guidance and explains where to find support. 

The Group Competition Laws Policy is available in the following languages:

EN | ES | DE | FR | PL | PT | NLZH