Sustainability – A Strategic Priority for the Automotive Industry

We are passionate about helping Automotive companies in their transformation towards end-to-end sustainable mobility.

Automotive organizations have made sustainability a strategic priority even as the challenge to pursue it is greater and more pressing than ever. While this is a good start, ground-level action is needed across the automotive value chain. Governance, measurement, and monitoring need to be strengthened, and sustainability investments need to be significantly ramped up beyond large scale advances in R&D and manufacturing of EVs. The EV strategy itself needs to be supported by the ecosystem of renewable charging infrastructure and circular economy to be truly sustainable. These initiatives will drive a great impact, yet the industry needs a structured approach to sustainability
in the long run. Automotive organizations must prudently assess the maturity of their sustainability strategy, learn from sustainability leaders, and make sustainability an organization-wide mission.

Markus Winkler, Global Head of the Automotive Sector

“The automotive industry has made steady progress on sustainability, but a more rapid acceleration towards a systemic approach is now needed. To catch up and become a more environment-friendly industry, auto companies need to have a clearer focus on two key priorities: the need for them to more closely link their sustainability and electric vehicle strategies, and to increase investment in circular economy initiatives.”

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