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RAISE – Reliable AI solution engineering

Gen AI Value Cases Operational Accelerator for cost scale and trust.

According to a Capgemini Research Institute report from January 2024, 88% of the global organizations plan to focus on AI including GenAI within the next 12–18 months.

Now that organizations are moving beyond experimentation, the common issues they are trying to solve to accelerate GenAI adoption are:

  • Efficient cost management for large language models (LLMs) at scale
  • Disconnected development process amongst numerous GenAI applications
  • Ensuring trustworthy solutions

Most GenAI maturity journeys start at the same point, organizations need trust, cost, and scale controls in a single toolkit. They need an efficient, interoperable, and scalable GenAI development platform and framework to navigate and orchestrate in the fast-evolving environment.

We are excited to bring to our clients a GenAI development and deployment solution: Reliable AI Solution Engineering (RAISE) is an operational accelerator to deliver on value cases across industries. RAISE supports the industrialization at scale of your custom GenAI projects with needed guardrails, giving you more reliable and tangible results, at a controlled cost.

Based on hyperscalers’ architecture and data and AI partners’ ecosystem, it can be used in combination with IDEA by Capgemini, our data platform-as-code asset, helping you deliver ready-to-consume data products to accelerate business outcomes based on your data.

RAISE has been built leveraging Databricks and is already available in Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

RAISE is impacting three critical dimensions of GenAI – cost, scale, and trust.

RAISE enables unified controls with tangible results and can:

  • Reduce run costs by up to 80% over a single massive-scale LLM
  • Accelerate delivery by up to 60% over multiple applications
  • Identify issues up to 40% faster than manual monitoring

Connect with us to deliver value cases with trusted business outcomes from your GenAI initiatives. Building on our market leading position in AI and Generative AI, we help CXOs in setting their Gen AI strategy and identifying use cases aligned to their business expectations and requirements, offering a portfolio of tailored Gen AI solutions. Modular, efficient, interoperable, and scalable, Reliable AI Solution Engineering (RAISE) will help accelerate the development

Expert perspective

Meet our experts

Mark Oost

Global Offer Leader, AI Analytics & Data Science
Prior to joining Capgemini, Mark was the CTO of AI and Analytics at Sogeti Global, where he developed the AI portfolio and strategy. Before that, he worked as a Practice Lead for Data Science and AI at Sogeti Netherlands, where he started the Data Science team, and as a Lead Data Scientist at Teradata and Experian. Throughout his career, Mark has had the opportunity to work with clients from various markets around the world and has used AI, deep learning, and machine learning technologies to solve complex problems.

Steve Jones

Expert in Big Data and Analytics
‘Steve is the founder of Capgemini’s businesses in Cloud, SaaS, and Big Data, a published author in journals such as the Financial Times and IEEE Software. He is also the original creator of the first unified architecture for Big Fast Managed data, the Business Data Lake. He works with clients on delivering large-scale data solutions and the secure adoption of AI, he is the Capgemini lead for Collaborate Data Ecosystems and Trusted AI.