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Find out how Capgemini can accelerate the effectiveness of your digital manufacturing operations at scale with our “Factory of the Future” approach.

Are your digital initiatives delivering real results?

Manufacturers are striving to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of their operations using the power of digital technologies and data. However, many are struggling to achieve significant bottom-line benefits because they are unable to roll them out more widely across the factory ecosystem.

Unlocking the secret of scalability is key

While many manufacturers are engaged in some type of digital manufacturing proof-of-concept initiative, the majority struggle to realize benefits across their operations.

Turning an idea into reality takes vision

Our Factory-of-the-Future approach helps manufacturers achieve the scalability required to turn good ideas into business-wide results.

It starts with an Intelligent Operations Platform (IOP), which integrates with the existing tech stack and can be implemented quickly. Use cases are then executed with a step-by-step approach that delivers one innovative opportunity at a time. They are rolled out using an agile methodology that progressively improves the operating model and embeds innovation into the business culture.

Factory of the Future with Microsoft