With Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries you can reduce costs, improve customer service, and optimize your business

Capgemini and SAP work jointly together to help our clients in discrete manufacturing industries manage their digital transformation as you seek to adopt innovative concepts driven by Industry 4.0, the industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT), Cloud, Big Data, Smart Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Digital Twins.

The Imperative to go Digital for Discrete Manufacturers

Forward-thinking discrete manufacturers are aware that digital transformation is essential for profitable growth and sustainable competitiveness and that the move to digital and the promise of Industry 4.0 is changing the game. Smart, connected products, plants, assets and operations offer the potential for productivity gains, increased quality, cost savings, and improved revenue.

The winning combination of industry-specific solutions such as 3D printing, IoT and AR, with SAP providing the digital core and customer centricity, and Capgemini bringing the co-innovation platform, helps our clients develop a digital strategy for the next generation of discrete manufacturing.

Why Capgemini and SAP?

Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries (FD4DI) by SAP and Capgemini helps manufacturers create smart, connected products, assets, and operations that offer the potential for time-to-market reduction, productivity gains, cost savings, and new revenue streams.

FD4DI addresses the challenges facing today’s discrete manufacturers by combining SAP’s market-leading suite of enterprise application software and digital solutions with Capgemini’s unmatched depth of digital transformation, industry and SAP technology expertise, spanning consulting, insights and data, cloud and digital manufacturing.

Capgemini and SAP are investing in the development of new applications and extensions on the SAP Cloud Platform, while engaging with an ecosystem of start-ups and vendors in the manufacturing space to provide clients with end-to-end solutions.

Pre-defined use cases allow Capgemini and SAP to help discrete manufacturers meet their unique set of challenges. FD4DI harnesses the power of the latest SAP platforms including the SAP Leonardo Digital Innovation System, the SAP S/4HANA Digital Core and SAP Hybris. These use cases can be extended across the entire value chain creating opportunities for top line growth. They include:

  • Digital Customer provides discrete manufacturers with a truly 360-degree real-time view of customers while offering those customers a satisfyingly simple experience.
  • Smart Operations allows manufacturers the agility to react in real time to political upheavals, volatile demand, and a buyer’s market.
  • Predictive Maintenance finds the right balance between preventing unexpected equipment failures and not overspending on unnecessarily scheduled maintenance

How do we do it?

Agile Methodology for an Agile World to Drive the Pace of Digital Transformation

Capgemini utilizes an agile model for business transformation based on its Digital Transformation Framework specifically tailored for the manufacturing industry and spanning the exploration, design and development of specific solutions to enable new business models and scenarios.

Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Framework provides the foundation for customers in discrete industries to embark on their digital transformation journey. This proven methodology enables Capgemini to assess the manufacturer’s digital maturity and identify any gaps that need to be closed before the company embarks on its digital transformation. It has helped many clients in the manufacturing space achieve digital excellence and drive real business value.

With a network of global Applied Innovation Exchanges and an ecosystem of technology partners, we allow our clients to drive their path of innovation at their own speed and ensure that their digital investments deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

Click below to find out more information on use cases within FD4DI and Karlsson, a fictional client embarking on a digital transformation journey:







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Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries by SAP and Capgemini

Fast Digital for Discrete Industries by SAP and Capgemini is a joint initiative by SAP and Capgemini to help clients in discrete manufacturing industries manage their digital transformation journey as they seek to adopt innovative concepts driven by Industry 4.0, the industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT), Cloud, Big Data, and Smart Automation.