Conversational Commerce

Are you ready to listen to your customer? Really listen?

Are you ready to listen to your customer? Really listen?

Conversational Commerce will revolutionize consumer-facing industries in ways not witnessed since the dawn of eCommerce. This is far more than a new interface or an additional channel in the omni-channel world. It is an entirely new way for brands to build relationships of value with consumers and an entirely new way for consumers to interact with brands.

Now estimated to be worth as much as $35 billion by 2020 for retailers alone, it’s no longer a question of whether you want to compete at Conversational Commerce, but how and when.

How can Capgemini help?

Capgemini recognizes the value of Conversational Commerce in driving deeper, more human connections at scale. It has the potential to a different level of relationship, engagement, and brand affiliation. Rather than being a threat to existing operating models, Conversational Commerce is an opportunity to create new value for consumer-focused industries. We help you by blending together end-to-end capabilities on Conversational Commerce, with an approach that starts small, demonstrates value, then scales the capability, and expands into tangible business growth opportunities.

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Conversational interfaces will transform digital customer experiences. The time to start...

Conversational Commerce by Capgemini

How Capgemini delivers business value through voice activated technologies.

Featured Testimonials

Mark Taylor, Customer Engagement Lead, Capgemini Invent

Voice assistants will completely revolutionize how brands and consumers interact with each other. What makes voice assistants so exciting is that they are woven into the fabric of our lives, offering a simplicity and richness of interaction that consumers have never experienced before. Brands that are able to capitalize on the huge consumer appetite around voice assistants will not only build closer relationships with their customers, but create significant growth opportunities for themselves.

US focus group participant

I started using Alexa because I need to use a medical device four times a day and I would set reminders on it. Now, I also make purchases through Alexa, and it is rapidly learning new things with time.

German focus group participant

The other day I was in Cologne for a job interview, and it was easier to just talk into the cell phone and ask where to go instead of looking at street names.

Research Highlights

Voice assistants will revolutionize commerce

  • 40% consumers who will use a voice assistant instead of a mobile app or a website, three years from now
  • In three years’ time, active users of voice assistants expect 18% of their total expenditure to take place via voice assistant
  • 82% users say fast and accurate replies are the most compelling feature that influences the use of voice assistants.

Why consumers are in love with voice assistants!

  • Consumers who use voice assistants are very positive about the customer experience
  • Convenience and ability to do things hands free are the two biggest reasons for preferring voice assistants over mobile apps/websites
  • 41% consumers who would prefer a voice assistant over a website or an app because it helps them automate their routine shopping tasks.

Conversational Commerce yields concrete benefits

  • 25 points NPS® advantage among voice assistant users for a brand in US that provides a voice assistant to consumers vis-a-vis a brand that doesn’t
  • Organizations providing good voice assistant experiences will generate more business and positive word-of-mouth
  • Organizations that focus on priority consumer segments will derive maximum value.

Quick Takeaways


consumers are already users of voice assistants, and interacting with voice assistants via smartphones is the dominant mode of use


state convienience is biggest reasons for preferring voice assistants over mobile apps/websites. Closely followed having by ability to do things hands free.


of users of voice assistants have shared their positive experience with friends and family


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