Red Hat® OpenShift® on Microsoft Azure

Cloud-native container platform plus robust cloud services equals transformed application development.

Red Hat® OpenShift® is the sophisticated, cloud-native container platform for rapidly developing and scaling applications in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure is the ever-growing set of cloud services for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Now, Red Hat and Microsoft have teamed to combine OpenShift to Azure—and empower enterprises to run container-based applications both on-premises and in the Microsoft public cloud.

Services to optimize your container-based, hybrid-cloud development

Building on the promise of OpenShift to Azure, moving to cloud-native development and a hybrid-cloud environment requires a proven approach to digital-transformation strategy, planning, and execution.

That’s where Capgemini can optimize your embrace of OpenShift on Azure. Capgemini boasts rich experience and deep expertise in application development, cloud computing, and change management. Our unique vision, proven methodologies, and knowledge of both Red Hat and Microsoft technologies combine to make sure your enterprise will fully realize this cloud-centered promise.

Red Hat OpenShift to Microsoft Azure can help you:

Develop faster

  • Take advantage of best-in-class development tools
  • Shorten development cycles
  • Deliver higher quality software

Deploy anywhere

  • Build a true hybrid platform
  • Migrate applications seamlessly
  • Drive user adoption

Operate with intelligence

  • Leverage powerful AI and data sources
  • Achieve end-to-end container security
  •  Join the 95% of the Fortune 500 running in the Microsoft cloud

Capgemini Digital Cloud Platform and Red Hat® OpenShift®

Capgemini Digital Cloud Platform and Red Hat® OpenShift®

Now your applications can exploit artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and...

Cloud Native Powered by Red Hat®

Cloud Native Powered by Red Hat®

In the digital economy, cloud can no longer be an afterthought.

Devonfw on Red Hat® OpenShift®

Devonfw on Red Hat® OpenShift®

Marry a development platform with a container platform, and gain an extraordinary foundation...

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